Wimbledon Fashion Lessons from the Royals


Witnessing the fashion choices that Wimbledon’s VIPs make is almost as thrilling as the action on the court itself. The royal family, in particular, is known for its tactful dressing that’s in line with the mood and the theme of any event. As you would expect, white designer garments are dominating the scene.

Here is how to dress like a royal at the Wimbledon events, fusing nobleness with pristine fashion.

Summer vibrancy with a floral tea dress

Floral tea dresses have been a favourite of Queen Elizabeth long before her coronation. A floral tea dress exudes vitality, joy, and decency at the same time. Perfect for the summer months and the exuberant mood at Wimbledon, Queen Elizabeth looked stunning in a fitted floral dress at the 1957 Wimbledon Championships, paired with a white handbag, gloves, and an elegant pearl necklace. She was the epitome of ‘50s summer style.

The floral tea dress trend was continued by Princess Margaret during the 1968 men’s final. A rose-patterned fabric was tailored in an intricate design that yet again emanated summer vibrancy.

 Before her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, Diana showed up at the tournament in a true showstopper blue dress with white and red florals, complemented by white pearls. It was one of the first looks that marked her striking fashion style.

Just recently, Pippa Matthews attended the Wimbledon games alongside the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex in 2019. She wore a white dress in blue florals and a playful ruffled sleeve that accentuated her slender figure, elegant look, and happy mood.

The royal lesson? Wear a floral tea dress like all the royal fashion icons and bring the sunshine with you to the Wimbledon events.

A lady with sandals in white

Before Kate Middleton and Pippa Mathews entered the scene, the royals would greet the honorary tennis players in style with white mid heel sandals. Perhaps it’s an annotation to the white outfits of the players, to the summer feel, or both. Such is the case with Queen Mary during the Jubilee Meeting at Wimbledon in 1926, Queen Elizabeth in 1962 when presenting the trophy to Rod Laver, Princess Anne presenting the trophy to Ann Jones in 1969, followed by Princess Margaret in 1970 to Margaret Court, as well as many other royal examples of classy but outstanding white sandals.

Recently, we’ve seen a move towards mid heel sandals in different colours. Intriguingly, the design has remained the same, yet the colour has changed, as if to subtly illustrate the evolution to bolder times that still preserve the royal spirit.

Such is the case with the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore cream sandals in 2011 and again in 2019 during the men’s finals, which are just a slight alternation to the classic white sandals, yet a significant one. Even Queen Elizabeth herself tweaked her look and showed up in black low heel sandals in 2010, matched with a black handbag and a bright turquoise coat and hat.

So gear up with white mid heel sandals, because they’re a royal Wimbledon staple!

The chic sunglasses

The tournament takes place in the summer, so it comes as no surprise that sunglasses are an essential part of the chic Wimbledon look.

In 1965, Princess Margaret was watching the games from the stands looking like the Anna Wintour of the time in her trendy cat eye sunglasses, white coat, broch, scarf, and an intricate cap – the complete look.

Princess Margaret’s fashion acumen doesn’t lie, because in 1968, she yet again fashioned unique Matrix-style sunglasses paired with a floral tea dress and a white bracelet during the men’s final.

Princess Diana was also a fan of sunglasses at the Wimbledon events, as she’s been seen wearing Ozzy Osbourne-style sunglasses quite a few times. Today, the royal ladies are fashioning bigger sunglasses that are typical for our time.

Sunglasses come in many different styles, so it’s important to choose one that is most flattering to the shape and features of your face. You will look stunning in them and will be protected from the sun at the same time.

The Wimbledon tournament is an exciting event that many look forward to. Alongside seeing some of the best players in the world, you get to witness the outstanding fashion styles of the audience. So dress up and let your inner royalty shine through!

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