Bespoke kitchen, furniture and design company, Herringbone Kitchens, introduces own paint range  


Award winning bespoke kitchen, furniture and design company Herringbone Kitchens today announced the introduction of its very own paint colour range – Herringbone Paints. The range is exclusively available to Herringbone customers and features a total of 18 timeless colour choices. 

Herringbone Kitchens always strive to make the customer process as easy, straightforward and smooth as possible. This is an unusual step for a kitchen company but in true Herringbone style they continue to be a progressive family run business who moves with the times, listens to what customers want and follows the latest influences in the industry. 

The Herringbone Paints range 

The range features a total of 18 timeless paint colours and being a small family run business, it was important to Herringbone to make sure the colours referred back to their roots and had meaning. Each name has therefore been carefully chosen and means something special to them, a few examples include: 

  • Planted Tree Green: A colour to represent the tree that is planted for every kitchen we make 
  • Parade Pink: To show our love for Pride Canterbruy and continued sponsorship  
  • Cliff White: Just up the road from the studio are the world famous White Cliffs of Dover 
  • Drum Belt Red: Inspired by the drum belts that sand the kitchens before paint 

The range will continue to be expanded on and will always be updated to fit the latest influences and must-haves. Customer can still pick from outside this range, and colour matching is always available. The range is extensive and designers will be able to recommend the best colour combinations for the choice of kitchen design. 

The range follows Herringbone’s environmental ethos promise 

As part of the company’s ethos Herringbone has made a conscious decision from the beginning to only use water-based low VOC paint, which the new range continues to be. This again is very rare in this industry and while it was not the easy option, it stays true to the ethos.  

For each bespoke kitchen made they dedicate a tree to the National Forest, a regeneration project across 200 square miles in the Midlands. These are all small, but important, things Herringbone does to reduce our impact on the environment.  

William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens said: “It is a really exciting new step for Herringbone to come out with our new range of paints. We are always striving to make a difference to our clients’ experience and being able to offer our own colour range will not only make the kitchens even more bespoke but it will also speed up the lead time and so enable them to enjoy their kitchen sooner.” 

To view the Herringbone Paints range and get inspired visit Herringbone Kitchens / Herringbone Paints or come visit the studio for samples 23A Palace St, Canterbury, CT1 2DZ.  

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