3 Ways to add Natural Elements to Your Kitchen Design


Do you love spending time outdoors? What about gardening, taking your dog for a long walk, or visiting a sleepy country pub? Whether you consider yourself the next Alan Titchmarsh or can hardly keep a houseplant alive, everyone can benefit from time spent in natural environments.

In fact, nature has long been recognised for its favourable impacts on our health. As a result, people are increasingly attempting to “bring the outside in” — integrating greener elements into their home while also complementing their existing décor — in efforts to reap the psychological and physiological advantages of spending time in the great outdoors.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and whether it is traditional or modern in design, it can benefit from the character and beauty that natural components provide. Here are three examples of how you can incorporate natural elements into your kitchen décor.

1.    Embrace a green colour scheme

Green is synonymous with the natural world. When used correctly, the colour can look wonderful in the kitchen, evoking thoughts of the outdoors and even fostering a sense of tranquillity.

There are numerous ways to incorporate green into the kitchen, such as a subtle wash of wall-to-wall pistachio or by adding brightly coloured utensils and accessories. We’re also partial to a bold green hue of kitchen cabinetry, such as this warm olive Shaker kitchen, especially when balanced with white, stone, or neutral-coloured walls.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a colour scheme or you’re not quite ready to commit, it may be helpful to consult with designers who specialise in both colour theory and painting. For instance, at Harvey Jones, the “high end kitchens arrive at your home ready to be expertly fitted and hand-painted in any colour” so you can try out various tones ‘in situ.’

2.    Add lots of houseplants

The humble houseplant can do it all. Soothing, purifying, and versatile — houseplants offer countless reasons to nurture a touch of indoor greenery. Plus, from an interior design perspective, including houseplants is a simple and effective way to provide a pop of colour and visual intrigue to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

When it comes to indoor plants, however, certain species are more suited to the warmth and humidity of the heart of the home than others. Hardy types such as Kalanchoe, English ivy, and spider plant, are tenacious, attractive, and low-maintenance. They can also adapt and flourish in both bright and low-light environments, and are content enough to be watered infrequently by forgetful plant parents.

Hanging planters have seen a spectacular revival of late, and are a convenient and appealing choice for kitchens both large and small. Homely suspended planters are well-matched with the graceful vines of trailing plants, but you’re not restricted to that combination. Hang terrariums or, even better, pots of herbs like basil, so you always have some flavour at hand.

3.    Incorporate natural materials

There are many methods to infuse your home with rustic allure, whether you have a little kitchen or just want to turn your contemporary space into more of a cosy sanctuary.

Wood, metal, and stone are all examples of naturally occurring materials that can be utilised into a nature-inspired kitchen. Whether it’s with copper cookware and accessories, a bold granite countertop, or a more dramatic design overall with exposed timbers and farmhouse chandeliers, the heart of your home can be made to appear warmer, more welcome and more natural with the right décor.

If you’re looking for statement kitchen furniture that will get people talking, live-edge kitchen pieces are worth considering should you have the funds. Elegant and durable, these wooden tables and countertops follow the natural outer curvature of the tree trunk. This gives them a unique wood grain that mixes well with any kitchen theme — but also wouldn’t look out of place at an elven gathering.

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