iPhone Photo Gallery Mystery: Users Stumped as Images Mysteriously Multiply


Whenever the pictures duplicate on a device they take away lots of space. Now with the less space on the device we cannot use our device correctly and low storage space also stops us from installing new applications and capturing images.

Duplicates will take space and then create problems on our devices. If we talk about our smartphone which is equipped with multiple high-quality cameras, it will make us our personal photographer capturing moments without any problem.

How duplicates are created on our iPhone?

This continuous photo-taking often leads to a digital library overflowing with duplicates. However, it is not always our camera as it created similar pictures instead of identical images. Many times, we unknowingly duplicate files by unintentionally multiple copying of our files.

Can we manage duplicates on the iPhone?

Managing these duplicates can become a time consuming and tedious task, especially when done manually. Despite the big storage capacity, your iPhone has limited storage with some storage on the cloud. The problem that arises is that the space will be filled easily.

The result? Annoying notifications about your device nearing full capacity.

Fortunately, you have options. You can look through your photos, documents, and files, one by one and then delete the duplicates one by one. Alternatively, you can adopt a more efficient approach by utilizing specialized apps designed to automate the process.

This user-friendly guide is crafted to help you navigate the duplicate dilemma, providing assistance in decluttering your iPhone and reclaiming valuable storage space.

1. Why Do I have so many duplicate photos on my iPhone?

Before looking into the process of removing similar photos from your iPhone, let’s explore how duplicate photos find their way onto an iPhone.

User reports tell us that a significant portion of the images stored on our iPhone contains duplicate photos. These duplicates collect over time due to various factors, such as downloading the same image multiple times and sharing pictures.

Additionally, duplicate images may unknowingly be downloaded from diverse sources like the internet or social media. Despite their inconspicuous presence, they permeate every corner of the PC, consuming disk space. Thus, it becomes imperative to eliminate duplicate images.

a. Multiple Backup Restorations:

If pictures are backed up on the iPhone and restored multiple times, duplicates of these pictures are generated repetitively, leading to substantial space consumption on your iPhone.

b. Multiple Image Downloads:

Downloading images from the internet often results in downloading the same images multiple times, consequently generating multiple copies of identical pictures on the iPhone.

c. Image Duplication Through Copying:

Frequently copying images inadvertently creates identical duplicates of the same images, further contributing to the proliferation of duplicates on the iPhone.

d. Image Sharing:

Obtaining images from various sources may result in multiple copies, especially when downloading the same image multiple times, thereby amplifying the presence of duplicate images.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos on iPhone?

For efficient removal of duplicates from your iPhone, consider employing Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. This user-friendly application functions as both a duplicate finder and remover, simplifying the process of decluttering your iPhone from redundant images.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro presents a simple solution for identifying and eliminating duplicates from your iPhone. With this tool, you can effortlessly automate the process of removing duplicate photos.

What Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Can Achieve for You:

  1. Free Up Space: By eliminating duplicate photos, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro aids in reclaiming valuable storage space on your iPhone, thereby enhancing its overall performance. The reclaimed space allows for increased photo storage capacity and application installations.
  2. Organized Gallery: Removing duplicate photos results in a well-organized photo gallery on your phone, streamlining your photo management process.

Common Causes of Duplicates on iPhone:

Duplicates may arise on your iPhone due to various reasons. Here are some common factors contributing to the creation of duplicates:

  1. Burst Mode or Continuous Shots: Engaging in burst mode or capturing continuous shots can result in the creation of similar pictures, necessitating their deletion to conserve space.
  2. Receiving Duplicate Pictures from Multiple Sources.
  3. Multiple Restorations of Backups.

Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for iOS

Why Choose Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro emerges as an exceptional solution for identifying and eradicating identical duplicates and similar images from your iPhone. It presents itself as a user-friendly and effective duplicate finder and remover program.

Key Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Intuitive Interface: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro boasts a straightforward and intuitive interface, ensuring effortless removal of duplicate images from your iPhone. Not only does it excel in user-friendliness, but it also stands out as one of the fastest options for locating and eliminating duplicates.

Comprehensive Duplicate Check: Following the completion of the scanning process, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro furnishes a preview of the duplicate images discovered. This enables informed decisions about which duplicates to retain and which to remove from your device.

Grouping of Similar Images: Going beyond mere duplicate removal, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro categorizes duplicate photos into groups. This grouping feature simplifies the task of identifying and eliminating duplicates, ensuring a seamless removal experience.

How to Utilize Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Removing Duplicate Photos from iPhone:

Follow the steps below to scan and delete duplicates from your iPhone using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Step 1: Download and install the application from the App Store. You can either search for the application in the App Store or utilize the following link: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Step 2: Once the application is installed, tap on its icon to launch it.

Step 3: Grant the necessary permissions when prompted.

Step 4: After providing the permissions, the application will initiate, and you can begin using it.

Step 5: Upon completion of the scan, you will be presented with a comprehensive overview of all identified duplicates on your iPhone.

Step 6: Once duplicates are located, you can manually select them for deletion or utilize the auto-mark function to highlight duplicates automatically.

Step 7: After marking the duplicates, you can effortlessly remove them.

That concludes the process. By eliminating duplicates, you can reclaim storage space on your iPhone.

Duplicate Photos Fixer simplifies the removal of duplicates, ensuring a swift and efficient process.


Manually removing duplicates from your iPhone can be tedious and time-consuming. It entails manually reviewing each picture and selecting them individually. In contrast, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro streamlines the process by scanning your iPhone for duplicates and facilitating their easy removal.

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