The Founder of Sleeping Dog Properties, Chris Rapczynski is Committed to Building Better Homes and a Better World


Climate change, shortage of water, and a rapidly deteriorating environment are some of the biggest challenges being faced by humanity. Overcoming these challenges requires an all-hands-deck approach, and businesses can’t sit out this fight. 

Sleeping Dog Properties is one company that has been fighting the good fight for a long time. Founded by Chris Rapczynski, it is a real estate development company based in Boston, MA, that has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. 

Rapczynski realized very early on that socially and environmentally conscious businesses are very important. Though not a legal requirement, behaving irresponsibly will lead to a drop in profits because the modern customer is a lot more socially conscious, and this consciousness is reflected in their consumption habits. According to a global CSR study conducted by Cone Communications, 91% of global consumers expect businesses to conduct their affairs in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. 

Effective integration of corporate social responsibility within the business model was necessary to succeed. This meant that Sleeping Dog Properties had to proceed in a manner that was ethical, sustainable, and in full awareness of human rights and the needs of the communities they served. 

Over the years, Rapczynski has spearheaded multiple CSR initiatives at his company, to minimize his impact on the environment, effectively serve his community, and engage his employees. His mission is not only to build a better living space for his clients but also to play a role in building a better world. 

Environmental Impact

According to some estimates, the construction industry is responsible for half of climate change. This means that urgent changes are needed in the construction industry for humans to have a fighting chance against the forces of climate change. 

Rapczynski takes the environmental impact of his work very seriously. He is aware that every little helps. In every project that the company undertakes, whether it’s remodeling or renovating a space, or building a custom home, effective steps are taken to minimize the environmental impact. 

Sleeping Dog Properties has implemented a green remodeling and construction policy, which allows them to create luxurious spaces without compromising on their eco-friendliness. All unused materials are donated, and demolition is done in a way that ensures that the greatest number of materials can be salvaged and donated. They also follow single-stream recycling guidelines and use low-VOC paints and energy-efficient machines. 

Serving Communities 

Rapczynski’s commitment to the betterment of communities goes beyond Massachusetts, and his company keenly pursues social projects designed to benefit communities across the globe. 

According to the latest statistics, up to 2 billion, people lack access to clean water. Despite 70% of Earth being covered with water, only 3% is freshwater consumable by humans. Of that 3%, only one-third is available because the rest of it is frozen.

 With inadequate access to water, some 2.7 billion have no option but to store water. This water is often stored in plastic bottles which are harmful to humans and the environment. To tackle this issue, Sleeping Dog Properties partnered up with Build Health International (BHI) and donated 500 canteens to Haiti. 

BHI is a Massachusetts-based organization that is working to improve areas with fragile health systems by providing them with the necessary infrastructure. For all of its infrastructure projects, BHI hires and trains local workers, as that engages the local community and builds technical knowledge.

The canteens donated by BHI were distributed to their local construction staff in Haiti, Peru, and Nigeria. These water bottles will ensure that people performing physically demanding work in hot environments stay hydrated. 

Employee Engagement

As a company that is committed to the well-being of its employees, Rapczynski is aware of the role CSR initiatives can play in boosting employee morale. 

These projects have helped bring more positivity to the workplace. Such volunteering initiatives have also provided his employees a chance to grow personally and professionally. Research has shown that employees would rather work with companies that have a good public image, rather than those that don’t. Rapczynski’s commitment to important causes has also allowed him to attract and retain top talent. 

In addition to boosting employee well-being, Rapczynski has also shown a strong commitment to the health and financial well-being of his employees. Despite the challenging nature of the job, employees are supported throughout their time at the company, allowing them to reap the rewards of the challenging tasks. Benefits include health insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid vacations, and free gym memberships.

Key Takeaways

The world is faced with unprecedented challenges in the form of climate change and water shortage. As countries and communities struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing circumstances, it is only fair to expect the business community to actively play its part. 

Sleeping Dog Properties is leading by example. Under the leadership of Chris Rapczynski, the company has undertaken important social initiatives that have greatly benefitted the communities they serve. It has also greatly boosted employee morale by creating a fulfilling work environment. 

More construction companies need to join the bandwagon and engage in honest self-assessment to see where they can improve. This is important because of the huge impact the construction industry has had on the planet in the last century. 

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