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Six renter-friendly ways to decorate without losing your deposit


To help renters give their homes a glow-up without breaking the bank, losing your deposit, or damaging any original features in the property, carpet retailer, Tapi has given their top tips for decorating rental properties. From using stick on tiles to spruce up your space to putting a slip cover on your sofa, these tips will mean you can put your own stamp on your property. 

First of all, it is always wise to double check any changes you are wanting to make with your landlord before going ahead with anything. Once you have your landlord’s expressed permission, you can go ahead and follow these effective reversable tips which won’t put your deposit at risk.

1. Use stick on tiles to spruce up your space

Looking to spice up your bathroom or kitchen? Peel and stick vinyl tiles and planks are a nice and simple way to bring a bit of your personality to the rental. You won’t be stuck for choice, either with plenty more of designs, textures, and styles to choose from than ever before. Vinyl tiles are a great option for those rooms which get wet, like the kitchen, the porch, or the bathroom as they natural repel water. 

2. Use adhesive hooks to hang up artwork

Never use nails or sticky tac when hanging features on a wall, they can damage the wall. When it comes to hanging light artwork or even lightweight plants, adhesive hooks are an excellent option. Hanging artwork or tapestries are also a great way to cover a wall colour or paper you don’t like that much. Top tip: use a hair dryer to heat up the glue before you remove the hooks, as warm glue will pull away easily from paint or paper without causing damage.

3. Invest in a sofa slipcover

Don’t like the sofa which came with the place? Invest in a slipcover instead. There are plenty of different colours, textures, designs and colours to choose from on the market. A new slipcover can leave an old settee looking good as new, whilst also adding valued protection to the original design.

4. Transform your countertops

If your counters are looking worn down and drab, you can easily cover your counter tops up with an decorative stick and peal laminate paper; just remove it with the aid of a hairdryer when you’re ready to move out. When you’re ready to remove, you can peel the cover off as easy as you laid it, especially with the aid of a hairdryer to warm the glue3.

5. Make your own gallery wall

A gallery wall is something that instantly adds style and character to your home, but all that hanging can be a time-consuming job. Instead, why not hang up a shelf or ledge and add your favourite prints, photos or accessories to it? This is a great way of adding your own personality to your home. Just remember when you move out to fill in any holes if needed.

6. Add homely accessories

One of the easiest ways to make a house a home is to add in homely accessories. Things like lightshades, houseplants, rugs, personal photos or decorations will really make your rental property feel like your own space and can be easily removed at the end od your tenancy too – simple!

Commenting, Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi, says: “More and more people are renting properties, especially with the housing market being so competitive. Even if you’re in a rental property, it’s incredibly important to make sure your space feels like your own, and these easy tips should help you feel at home in your rental property!” To find out more about vinyl flooring and other floor fittings, head to:

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