Influencer Who Gained Reputation On The Internet As A Look-Alike Of Kylie Jenner Reveals That She Had A Facelift At Age 21


In 2022 Júlia Medeiros gained prominence on social media after her photos were compared to the billionaire and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, after this episode, her fans grew, and today she accumulates millions of followers.

Ju does not hide that she has had surgeries to maintain her perfect appearance, but what drew a lot of attention was the face lift surgery, which is more common in older women, but the Brazilian Kylie Jenner, aged 21, has already performed hers. “I was very afraid of being judged for doing this procedure, mainly because of my age”, and she added “I needed to do this to feel better”.

Face lifting is a surgical intervention that aims to treat the signs of aging of the face, namely wrinkles and sagging. There are several surgical techniques to perform a face lift. The choice depends on the type of result that the patient is looking for, and the period of hospitalization is between 24 and 48 hours.

Currently, she lives in the United States, and will undergo hymen reconstruction surgery, because the young woman went through a difficult relationship, and is not proud of having lost her virginity, “After I told my friends about the surgery, I got the nickname ‘Virgin of Miami’, now I can lose my virginity with someone special” completes the influencer.

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