Paul Verhoeven Returns With ‘Robocop’ Writer To Direct Erotic Thriller


More than twenty years have passed since Paul Verhoeven left Hollywood after directing The Man Without a Shadow , but the Dutch filmmaker has managed to continue to launch a career marked by provocation throughout Europe. Following the success of The Black Book came Elle , and this year Benedetta was released prior to being named one of the best films of the year by the National Board of Review. This story about a 17th century nun who scandalized her convent with miracles and lesbian relationships happens to be a compendium of all the director’s concerns, so that Young Sinner can be defined as a new step in this direction.

And, assuming that Verhoeven’s career is entering a self-reflective phase (without neglecting the fun), the new project he has been associated with sounds like a review of great successes. To begin with because, according to MovieWeb , the director is going to collaborate with screenwriter Edward Neumeier again . In 1987 he co-wrote Robocop with Michael Miner , and years later he teamed up again with Verhoeven for Starship Troopers , a sci-fi satire that unnerved not a few producers. Since then Neumeier has been linked to the numerous sequels to Robocop and Starship Troopers., until Verhoeven has crossed his path again.

Still from ‘Licorice Pizza’
It is not entirely clear if this would mean that the director returns to Hollywood, but the fact is that Young Sinner has been described as a political thriller headed with women and with a certain presence of sex, developing its plot in the US capital. ” Young Sinner is a political thriller set in Washington DC Our heroine, a young employee who works for a powerful senator, is involved in a web of intrigues and international dangers and, of course, there is also a bit of sex,” he explained Neumeier. The screenwriter makes no secret of his purpose that Young Sinner , like Robocop and Starship Troopers, have a very accentuated comic element.

“We have consulted a former intelligence officer, Ron Marks, to try to be realistic about the Capitol and the spy business, but the satire always comes up when Paul and I work together, so I hope our adventure has a light tone . ” Verhoeven goes further, ensuring that Young Sinner is part of the tradition of the erotic thriller of the early 90s that he himself grew, with the highest grossing film of his career. “I really think that what Neumeier and I want to do is an innovative version of Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. And we would not add digital elements, as little as possible … but it will be more explosive, more open to a large public ”.

Young Sinner does not have a release date, nor have other details of the production related to the cast or studio that will sponsor it.

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