How To Build Your Own Gaming PC?


Looking for a pre-built gaming rig but don’t know where to start? I was in the same position about a year ago, and I decided to take everything I learned about building and piecing together my own gaming PC and then apply it to buying one pre built. The result is this article where I share my findings so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to decide on whether to build or buy your next gaming PC.

Building your own gaming computer is a good way to future proof your rig, but you may find it difficult to find the time and patience needed to do so. Instead, you could save yourself some time, money, headaches and even allow yourself to have a little bit of fun doing so by purchasing pre-built gaming computers from places like Titan Tech IT.

Titan Tech IT offers the very best quality computers at the most affordable prices. We offer custom built gaming PC’s, personal PC’s and also business PC’s, all in a very wide variety of specifications. We have been selling pre-built gaming PCs for the last several years. We build machines that are high performance and match our customer’s needs.

Our goal is to be the best computer shop around, give us a call or stop by with any questions!

Looking for a high-end gaming computer?

Titan Computers offers an array of prebuilt gaming computers that have the flexibility to fit any gamer’s needs. We offer a variety of configurations, from smaller systems with basic parts to the most complex and high-end components. The best part about it? You can get a custom-built computer all in one place.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a prebuilt gaming PC:

  1. Quality Control
  2. Our custom computers are designed to last and go through rigorous testing before ever leaving our facility. Every component is carefully chosen to ensure that your PC can handle the latest games and perform at maximum capacity.
  3. Every prebuilt gaming computer we sell is equipped with top-of-the-line technology. From custom cooling systems to overclocked CPUs, each component is chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Plus, they are available at competitive prices when compared to other companies’ products.
  4. Our prebuilt PCs are fully customizable, so you can build your dream system without having to spend hours researching parts or worrying about compatibility issues. From start to finish, we’ll help you select the right parts that will best fit your needs and budget while also offering expert advice on how they’ll work together within your system as a whole.


Titan Tech IT really knows what they are doing when it comes to PC gaming. They have set themselves apart from most of the other companies that make custom built PC’s. Their focus is on the niche market of PC gamers, and they know exactly what gamers want. Titan Tech is a reliable and reputable online store catering high quality pre built computers and gaming PC’s.

What makes Titan Tech IT better than the rest is that they offer what most other companies do not. They offer reasonable prices on pre-built computers and many options for service plans that you can purchase to better support your investment in their products. Computers are guaranteed to run at 100% or they will make sure it is working to its highest potential before shipping it out to you. Titan Tech IT test these computers with intense benchmarks to ensure they are providing only the best possible systems that fit all of your needs as a gaming PC, business PC, or just as a general home computer.

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