Skandagiri Night Trek: Beginners’ Guide



  • Altitude: 4430 ft 
  • Trek Location: Bangalore
  • Trek Duration: 13- 15 hours 
  • Trek Trail: 4 kilometres (one way) 
  • Trek Time: 2 to 3 hours 
  • Trek Difficulty: Moderately difficult
  • Starting point: Kalwara village
  • End point: Sikandgiri hilltop

How to reach?

The place has good connectivity with Bangalore. 

There are frequent buses from Bangalore to Chikballapur. One can catch a bus easily to Chikballapur and can further reach to the base of hill by an autorickshaw which is a short around 50 minute ride or can just simply walk to the base from where the trek begins. 

Another alternative is that a pickup and drop service is provided in the package. A few pickup locations are available, one can choose the best suitable location for pickup and can directly reach the hill base from where the trek begins. This option is more suitable for anyone who does not know much about the place. 

Major Attractions

  • The beauty of the trek trail is bombarded with the surprises of nature. 
  • The mesmerizingly glazing sky is embedded with billions of brightly sparkling stars. Trekking for a night under this is no less than the feeling of walking right under heaven. 
  • The most amazing sunrise view that will take over your soul the way it takes over the sparkling starry night sky.
  • A short trek with the best of everything a trek can do, offered. 
  • Quick and easily accessible weekend getaway with the bare minimum trekking duration and an easily trekkable trail. 

About the trek 

Also known as Kalavara Durga, the Skandagiri hill is one of the most popular and beautiful trekkable places around Bangalore, in Karnataka. One can enjoy the wide and panoramic view of the area, witness the true beauty of nature and admire nature at its best during the day time. 

The glittering stars and sparkling sky will adorn you with an experience like never before. It is no less than paradise to witness the absolute beauty of the night sky. Stars densely occupying in the most beautiful manner is just an unforgettable scene. 

And on the top of all, the mesmerising sunrise is some this trek is most famous for. Watching the rays of sun slowly absorbing all the stars and taking over all the sky is all just a matter of a few minutes! The most beautiful few minutes of one’s life. The beauty of the charismatic nature is absolutely jaw dropping and leaves one in complete awe. 

This moderately difficult trek brings to you all the adventures that will thrill you inside out and refresh you well.

The trek usually begins at night. 

You’ll be picked up from the opted location and will begin your journey around 12:00 am.

You’ll be driven to the base of the trek and the trek will begin at around 3:00 am under the sparkling starry sky. 

The 4 kilometres of moderately difficult trek is covered in about 3 hours. So you’ll reach the top by 6:00 AM. Enjoy the freshness of the morning. The chirping birds, the freshness of greens and trees, the mesmerising view of sun rising and the surrounding all together makes the most beautiful scenery that will condense your soul and will refresh your mind. 

Enjoy and relax the beauty of the top. Absorb the energy and the eternal beauty, click some wonderful pictures, get yourself clicked amidst the beautiful greens and prepare yourself to start your descent journey. 

Begin your journey back to the base of the hill at around 7:30a.m  and reach the base by 10:30a.m . Have delicious breakfast and mark your trek as finished with lots of memories and wholesomeness of nature witnessed.


  • Children below the age of 10 years are not recommended for the trek. Any one above it can do the trek.
  • Carry a small backpack with you and some ready to eat snacks that you can have during the trek. 
  • Carry along a good quantity of water bottle that can keep you hydrated throughout the trek. 
  • Since it is a night trek don’t forget to carry a torch with you.
  • Also keep a pain killer spray for any emergency.
  • Wear your best trekking shoes to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

This short 13 hour trek is a perfect weekend getaway from the hectic schedule that can take you closer to the tranquility and beauty of nature and make you fall in awe of its miracles. 

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