8 stages on how MR Reporting software system can easily manage the field force


The Medical representative tracking system bridges the gap between workforce management and efficient operations in the pharmacy industry.

The global platform saves the effort of field force management, allowing the industry to concentrate on healthcare. The MR reporting software manages and tracks the tracking.

The Pharma Field Force Reporting software not only helps the field team be more productive and efficient, but also reduces manual tasks performed by Sales Admin & Marketing. This Field Force web reporting solution provides a quick ROI for the Head Office. The online sales force reporting solution includes business intelligence analysis and alerts at top level to facilitate transparent and fast decision making.

Why use MR Reporting?

MR Reporting, also known as pharma CRM, is a cloud-based solution for pharma CRM that improves and optimizes sales force effectiveness by more than 30%. It also reduces operating costs by over 80%. This ultimately leads to higher revenue generation from existing marketing and sales infrastructures. It is also vital in building and maintaining devoted relationships with chemists as well as doctors. MR Reporting CRM/pharma sales software is your default profit point. Finally, CRM software in Pharma Industry is a smart way to increase your business growth and makes perfect business sense.

MR Reporting offers a number of modules that are crucial to pharmaceutical companies. This is a detailed explanation of how MR Reporting can help you manage and maintain your field forces.

  • MR Reporting Software:

Field Force MR reporting software is not only designed to make field teams more productive and efficient but also reduces manual tasks performed by Sales Admin & Marketing. Managers can see the product promotions made by MR’s, and also monitor MR performance. The online reporting system for the sales force is available with business intelligence analysis and alerts at the top level to enable transparent and rapid decision-making.

  • Primary and secondary sales:

Automate and monitor primary sales activities, including the interaction between field sales reps. The presence of the Pharma CRM allows the medical representatives to get their primary sales and opening stocks directly from the company. They can then fill out the closing stock form. MR Reporting software is very popular because it instantly generates the stock and sale reports and there are no mistakes.

  • Daily Call Reporting

Daily call reporting is the core feature of the software. It reduces paperwork and allows for daily visits by doctors and surveyors. Daily Call Report (DCR), can be submitted from any location. This quick and simple reporting feature from SFA increases productivity and makes managing even easier.

  • Salesforce Automation:

Pharma companies must continuously optimize their sales force (MR – medical reps’) effectiveness because they invest heavily in field marketing and the development of new medicines. As they increase their focus on revenue growth and profitability, they are also focusing more on the return on investment (ROI). The use of Pharma sales force automation software streamlines sales activities to increase orders.

  • Management of Expenses:

This is helps you to get rid of the tedious task of managing Excel sheets. The panel allows you to easily integrate the expense master policy and manage all of your expenses automatically. This feature allows you to automatically generate expenses each month after the admin has reported master information like standard fare chart, employee fare code, and distance chart.

  • Doctor Management:

Field representatives can manage the employee records of doctors, including birthdays and work anniversaries. It allows them to keep a good relationship with the prospectus. This feature allows employees, managers, and administrators to easily manage doctor records.

  • The Tour Program

It helps you plan your tour, organize meetings, conferences, and other important activities. It allows the administrator to submit a company policy for all employees. An employee can submit an advance-month tour program via the web portal or mobile application. It is also possible offline. It is an approval module. The manager will approve the submitted program via his panel in online MR reporting Software.

  • Samples and gift management:

This feature allows you to track distribution and stock levels, as well as manage them. It also allows for the timely distribution of samples and gifts. It allows the administrator to issue stock to employees according to company policy. The DCR will allow the employee to submit gift distribution details doctor-wise and quantity-wise.

Summarising it all

A Medical Representative, visits many areas. A Medical Representative can also gather information from the market about the newest products. The software Pharma CRM allows MR to upload data from the market directly to the company. The software provides vital live information about the activities and locations of all field forces. Mobile app and software give you real-time access to your workforce.

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