A Dogs Life : How The UK Nation Pampers Their Pooches


It’s hard to say no to our pets’ demands when they look up at us with those adorable puppy eyes. Spoiling them with their favourite treats and chews is something all pet owners give in to, and our fawning means the pet market industry continues to thrive in the UK. Data shows that, on average, UK pet owners spend £1,150 a year on their pets, with 66 per cent of dog owners buying accessories for their canine companions.

Dogs are so much more than just household pets. They are a member of the family who, let’s face it, are treated more like a human rather than an animal. From doggy perfume to even champagne, the pet market is bursting with thousands of accessories we can pamper our furry friends with. Here, we take a look at what pet products the UK nation has taken an interest in between March 2020 and February 2021 and how an increasing number of us are choosing to pamper our pooches.

More than just a birthday biscuit

When it comes to celebrating our dogs’ birthday, giving them a birthday biscuit or two just won’t cut it anymore. In fact, search data suggests that the UK nation likes to make a full day out of it! The term ‘dog birthday party’ has experienced a 22 per cent increase within the data range mentioned, with the term growing the most in Scotland.

Data also shows the term ‘dog birthday cake’ has experienced an 83 per cent increase within the date range given, increasing from 12,100 searches to 22,200 searches.   

The finer things in life

We all like to treat ourselves to the finer things in life every now and then, and it appears our dogs enjoy the same. Data shows that the North West region of the UK has jumped on board the pooch trend the most with 6,680 pampered-pooch related searches, closely followed by the South East region with a total of 6,120 searches.

As for specific ways we humans are pampering our pooches, the term ‘dog pedicure’ has increased by 75 per cent in searches, and ‘dog spa day’ has experienced a 57 per cent increase.

A plain old bowl of water isn’t enough for our pets anymore either. Searches for ‘dog champagne’ have grown by 136 per cent, so now even your furry friend can join in with whatever it is you’re celebrating!

Designer dogs

Data also reveals that dog owners are going the extra mile when it comes to purchasing the essentials for their pets. Dressing up your dog in an adorable outfit for their daily walk is not a new trend, however, now the human fashion world and the canine one has collaborated to create designer dog accessories.

Searches for ‘designer dog bowl’ have experienced an increase of 129 per cent, allowing you to serve their raw dog food meal in style. As for the doggy clothing industry, the nation as a collective is investing more into their pooches’ style with the term ‘designer dog clothes’ increasing by 123 per cent. The term ‘designer dog harness’ grew by 122 per cent in searches, too.

Canine cameras

Being stuck at work all day knowing that your pooch is sitting waiting for you to return is something no pet owner likes to think about. If only there was a way that we could check in on them every now and then to see how their day is going. Well, now there is! Searches for ‘pet treat camera’ have experienced the biggest increase of 180 per cent. This clever invention allows for you to not only check in on your animal but interact with them too!

Depending on the type of pet camera you purchase, it allows you to see what they’re getting up to, talk to them with two-way audio, and even give them a treat without physically being there. These can be a great way to let your pets know you’re thinking about them and can help those who suffer separation anxiety cope better when their favourite owner isn’t around.

The pet industry continues to bring new and exciting products to the market that keep our pooches happy and healthy. So, the next time you go to purchase a new chew toy for your pup, think outside the box and see what other quirky products are on offer.

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