How to Decide Where to Put A Gun Safe At Home


Every house is different. And every gun safe owner’s needs are different. Here are some considerations for gun safe placement from the gun safe experts at Steelhead Outdoors.

Conceal from thieves

If stowing your gun safe in the garage is your best option, place it within the garage so it isn’t visible when your garage door is open or conceal it with a cabinet that doesn’t reveal that valuables are present.

Store your safe in a closet or locked workshop so people visiting your home like contactors, babysitters or cleaners aren’t aware of the safe’s presence.

Choose a safe’s exterior color finish that blends in with its surroundings or doesn’t call attention to it.

Steelhead Outdoors can work with customers to create a custom safe to fit space requirements and collection size. Custom color finishes allow the gun safe to blend into its environment or stand out depending on the customer’s preference.

Protect from theft

Make the safe hard to move. Bolt it to concrete or make it difficult for a thief to haul the heavy safe up a stairway.

Protect the safe from intrusion by choosing a safe with high gauge walls, thick door, secure hinges and high-quality locking mechanisms. Consider covering the safe with additional panels on three sides to make it harder to compromise.

Protect from fire

Position the gun safe away from fire sources and flammable materials. Kitchens, garages and fireplaces offer increased fire risk. Garages are often a storage space for many flammable items like cars, lawn equipment and cleaning chemicals.

Protect from water

Place gun safes away from water and humidity that can damage safe contents. Guns are particularly susceptible to rust, and steps should be taken to mitigate this risk. Traditional safes require a dehumidifier housed within the safe and an energy source. Steelhead Outdoors’ unique design and construction materials don’t trap moisture which reduces the need for a dehumidifier. Garages and basements are prime locations for higher humidity. Flooding risks can also be higher in basements and garages.

Allow owner access

Owners want to be able to easily access their weapons during an emergency situation. Many home intrusions happen at night so many safe owners choose to place their safe in a bedroom closet. Other gun safe owners are satisfied that their firearms are secured in a gun safe in another part of the home.

Once a traditional gun safe is placed within a home it requires a lot of physical effort to move it to another location so thoughtful placement decision-making is important. However, Steelhead modular gun safes can be assembled on site where you want to place your safe. And the modular design allows for two people to disassemble the safe and move it to another location without requiring a specialty safe moving crew or injuring yourself. The team at Steelhead Outdoors can help you determine which safe is right for your needs and the best place to put a gun safe in your

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