How To Set Up Your Alexa Speaker So It Doesn’t Ruin Christmas Surprises


The devices Echo Amazon have a feature that notifies users when a packet arrives home and even know what’s inside. However, there are times when this tool can spoil a gift for a family member and, for reasons like that, it is important to know how this option can be managed.

The Alexa app allows users to manage their Amazon purchase notifications. In this way, those who buy a gift, will be able to maintain the surprise until the day of the birthday or Christmas .

How to disable package notifications in Alexa?
Access the Alexa app .
Select the ‘More’ option located in the lower right corner.
Later, click on ‘Settings’> ‘Notifications’> ‘Purchases on Amazon’.
In the ‘Say or show item titles’ section , disable the option that says ‘including items in your shopping cart marked as gifts or those that could be gifts during the main holidays’ .
When you carry out this process, notifications of the arrival of packages will continue to appear. However, for products that have been marked as gifts or that Amazon suspects to be gifts, they will not be reported.

How to prevent Alexa from asking for products to be rated?
Another notification with which other family members can find out about the surprise is the one that Alexa asks you to rate the purchase. This warning can also be annoying when you are listening to music and the device makes the reminder.

To prevent Alexa from reporting the possibility of rating one of the products purchased by Amazon, users can disable that option. Within the same section that had been entered before to deactivate the notifications of gifts in Alexa, there is an option called ‘Request to qualify products that you have bought’ which will have to be deactivated.

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