Four Trends That Will Set The Course For Technology In 2021


Mediatek, a global semiconductor company for products such as smartphones, tablets, digital televisions and voice assistant devices (VAD), defined a list of four technological trends that will advance in their consolidation from 2021.

In fact, a recent survey by the multinational Harvey Nash and the firm KPMG revealed that the coronavirus pandemic generated one of the largest investments in technology in history.

According to the survey results, during the first wave of the pandemic, companies spent an additional $ 15 billion a week on technology. In the midst of this context derived from the pandemic, Mediatek foresees that artificial intelligence, voice assistants, 5G networks and a new generation of smart televisions will be important trends on the global technological scene.

The technology industry is one of the most variable. It is constantly developing solutions and products that allow users to adapt to specific situations, which respond to a specific need, ”says Alexander Rojas , MediaTek Sales and Business Development Manager for Central America and the Caribbean.

Rojas highlights that they have also identified an important growth in devices such as voice assistants and Wi-Fi connectivity devices 6. “The arrival of 5G offers a number of opportunities to expand connectivity options through different devices,” complements Rojas.

Four trends to watch out for

  1. The new era of AIoT
    Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) will be an emerging technology trend that will allow connecting things and devices that are smart enough to operate autonomously.

Through MediaTek’s Rich IoT program , three AIoT-based chipset platforms have been developed, with technologies designed to work on voice assistant devices, multimedia screens and devices with artificial intelligence for object recognition, among other features that will be enhanced to from 2021.

  1. Best smart TVs
    The new range of televisions incorporating MediaTek chipset will offer multiple benefits of image quality, connection, user experience and artificial intelligence. Although the television market is an old acquaintance, it is still ready for technological innovation to be smarter and with greater capabilities, ”says Rojas.

The goal with these advancements is to increase the visual quality of the television, intelligently alternating image attributes such as hue, saturation, brightness, resolution and frame rate. It may interest you: Five basic concepts to understand artificial intelligence, according to Google

  1. Voice assistants
    Voice assistants (VADs for Voice Assistant Devices) and smart speakers have a high capacity to understand natural language and are devices that allow carrying out tasks such as making an appointment, playing music, making an online purchase, opening or closing windows or turn the lights on and off.

MediaTek chipsets, based on NeuroPilot technology, are made up of an artificial intelligence ecosystem capable of listening to commands and reproducing ultra quality audio, providing round and uninterrupted interaction.

  1. Transition to 5G
    MediaTek has added the new Dimensity 720 chipset to its family of 5G technology this year , which boasts high connectivity features and other high-performance features, as well as multiple cores for the upper mid-range.

This chipset includes an integrated 5G modem with support for SA and NSA infrastructures, Sub-6 Ghz, and 2CC carrier aggregation with a speed of up to 2.34 Gbps. In addition, its articulation with MediaTek 5G UltraSave will reduce energy use in this connectivity and optimize battery life on mobile devices.

“MediaTek is accelerating its developments and innovations with the goal of providing better user experiences with state-of-the-art technology, regardless of whether users are streaming, gaming or taking photos. The MediaTek chipsets are generating a high impact on thousands of devices that we use every day ”, concludes Rojas.

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