Are You Not Receiving Messages From Telegram?

not receiving messages

The popular instant messaging app that overshadows WhatsApp has suffered a server crash and has left all of Europe without service. It has been out of service since approximately 3:00 PM, but is not recovering and still displays the “Updating” message.

When we have prepared to send a message through Telegram we have seen that the application did not work. At first the message “Connecting” appeared, but finally, only “Updating” appears.

The drop in service is widespread throughout Europe and the most intense outbreaks are in Germany and Italy. Through DownDetector we can see in real time the extent of the fall of Telegram, as well as other services.

Recall that Telegram was down almost 12 hours a year ago, let’s hope that this time the restoration of the service does not take too long.

It is seen that 2020 still has some surprise in store for us, but we already said that if a social network goes down, panic does not usually spread, but when a company like Google falls , the whole world is paralyzed there.

In the case of Google, it was feared that it was a generalized hack, but finally it was a problem related to the authentication system . Telegram is not as active as WhatsApp, which tends to fall especially on Christmas and summer dates, as well as other services that are under the Facebook umbrella, which are Instagram and Messenger.

Continuing with Telegram, the problems with this app are in the sending and receiving of messages, both written, such as audios, photos, videos and others .

When a messaging app crashes, we always recommend not to continue insisting, but to move on to something else and when the service is restored, resume what we were doing. In this way, the line is no longer saturated and the server could return to normal activity sooner.

To know that a social or web network is down, the first thing we must do is check our Internet connection and switch WiFi and data, if it does not work, it may be a specific failure that requires updating or clearing the cache, but as fast as possible to go to Twitter and see if it is Trending Topic .


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