Kaley Tyne Johnson: The Rising Popularity of Yoga Excursions


Kaley Tyne Johnson is a freelance interior designer having graduated from the New York School of Interior Design. Her work takes her all over the world today, particularly the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

When travelling, Kaley Tyne Johnson enjoys exploring local areas, attending art exhibitions, and taking in the local architecture. She also takes her fitness very seriously.

This article will look at the rising trend in yoga vacations and how some of the world’s top yoga retreats can provide a vital escape from the stresses and strains of modern life, helping guests to achieve inner balance and take back control of their hectic, pressurized lives.

For those with busy daily lives – constantly juggling work with family commitments – finding time to indulge in the hobbies and activities they enjoy can often be an uphill battle.

People attend yoga excursions for all kinds of reasons. For many, it presents a valuable opportunity to gain inner clarity, read books, feel a sense of inner quiet and peace, be alone, and reflect on life. It also provides an escape from the pressures and over-stimulation of modern living, providing respite from the constant planning, partying, team tactics, and competition. Many individuals who attend a yoga retreat find it a transformational experience, spending time in nature; being at one with the mountains, oceans, caves, and other miracles of Mother Earth; and connecting with their inner selves and other like-minded individuals.

Tucked away in the idyllic English countryside of Hartfield village, East Sussex, The Yoga Hub’s Unique Wellbeing Experience provides guests with an opportunity to open up a dialogue between their mind and body and connect to the calm and easy flow of their breath, taking them into a mindful state to self-soothe and nurture. Sessions are designed to encourage participants to take stock of their current life situation and choices, with their experienced yoga teacher supporting and challenging them, helping them to identify what is holding them back from being their best selves, and bringing into focus more positive sustaining strategies.

Across the English Channel, in Moutiers, France, guests are invited to participate in a relaxing yet energizing yoga experience in the French Alps. Incorporating plenty of yoga, hiking, and delicious French food, AdventureYogi has been organizing bespoke retreats for some 13 years now. The company strives to engage exceptional yoga teachers who live and breathe yoga, inspiring guests and dissolving their tensions by the end of their stay. The retreat boasts jaw-droppingly beautiful views, immersing guests in nature and presenting opportunities to visit a traditional French farmers’ market and the local wellness spa.

Meanwhile, Balitrees Retreats is one of the most popular yoga excursions in all of Indonesia. In Tabanan, Bali, Balitrees Retreats presents an authentic Balinese wellness and cultural experience packed with chakra opening, meditation practices, and pranayama to open up perspectives, enabling participants to connect with who they are on a deeper level and explore what it truly means to relax, unwind, and recharge while taking care of the body and mind and having fun. Popular local excursions and workshops include waterfall purification, rice farming, Balinese language and music classes, and beach barbecues.

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