National Happy Cat Month: The Secret to Keeping your Cat Content


  • have revealed the best tips and tricks on how to keep your cat calm and happy for Happy Cat Month

Everyone knows cat people will stop at nothing to make their felines happy. Whether it be spending your salary on quality cat food and cat trees or making sure they have the best toys to play with – cat owners are dedicated.

Despite this, cats have an attitude. Although people who aren’t cat fans may say they’re evil animals, they’re really not (they just like a bit of chaos every now and then). And even though our felines are true enigmas, cat owners are still on a mission to figure them out. When you search for “why does my cat…” the suggestions include “run away from me”, “stare at me” and “randomly bite me”. So, what is the best way to keep your cat happy? With September being National Happy Cat Month, greetings card marketplace, has revealed the best ways to keep on your cat’s good side.

Keep them entertained

A bored cat is a grumpy and mischievous one. Without stimulation and things to keep your cat entertained, you’re on a downhill slope to a destructive kitty. The importance of providing a stimulating environment is especially important with house cats.

Everyone gives their cats toys or has cat trees in the corner of their living room but why not get a bit creative. Hide treats around your house in areas that might be harder to reach. Providing a scavenger hunt will keep your cat exploring their space ensuring they don’t get bored.

Another way to keep your cat engaged is to introduce them to new things on a regular basis. For example, have some playtime with bubbles or put a video on your TV that is designed to pique a cat’s interest.

Organise their space

In your home, try to make sure where your cat eats is in a very different place from their litter tray. In fact, try to put their eating and toilet areas in different rooms. You should even try to store your bags of cat litter in different rooms to where your cat eats and drinks.

Considering this, it’s very similar to humans. We wouldn’t want to eat a meal sat next to the toilet so don’t let your cat do it either. It’s all about making sure your cat is comfortable in their home and can relax in their space.

What’s on the menu

No human nor cat enjoys having an upset stomach which is why getting the right diet is super important. Your feline should have a mainly meat-based diet that is well-balanced. By speaking to your vet or researching what your cat should be eating based on their weight and age will ensure they keep a happy and healthy gut.

Knowing what cats can and can’t eat will keep you on the right track. For example, some common human food can be poisonous to cats. Onions, grapes, leeks, cheese, and citrus food are all solid no-goes so don’t leave any of these foods on your worktops for wandering paws…

Regular check ups

Making sure you recognise when your cat’s demeanour changes is one of the best ways to keep them happy in the long term. If you do find that your cat is being unnecessarily grumpy, it might be time to take them to the vet to see if there’s a reason behind their bad temper.

Perhaps consider spaying or neutering your feline to see a shift in their mood. This can stop male cats from getting into nasty fights and stop female cats from carrying kittens. A common issue that can cause a cantankerous cat is dental issues which vets can easily identify but owners can’t.

Now you are ready to keep your cat happy and hopefully save your furniture from scratches. Know a cat lover? Why not send them a cat card?

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