Natural Herbal Teas To Help With Osteoporosis And Improve Bone Health


The Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when ” the generation of new bone is slower than the loss of old bone , ” say the experts at the Mayo Clinic . It should be noted that bone is “a living tissue” that is constantly breaking down and replacing itself.

In such a way that with osteoporosis the bones become weak and a simple fall can cause a serious fracture. In its initial stages, the reduction of bone mass does not usually manifest itself with obvious clinical symptoms, but when it begins to damage the bones, symptoms such as back pain, loss of height or frequent breaks, especially in the wrists or hips , may occur .

Plants with properties to strengthen bones
One of the risk factors is age. As we age, bones naturally weaken, especially in people over 65. It is also more likely to occur in people who eat an unbalanced diet or who do not get enough calcium . A diet low in this mineral “contributes to decreased bone density, early bone loss and an increased risk of fractures,” they add.

Are magnesium supplements necessary for bones?
In this sense, maintaining a healthy and varied diet, combined with nutritional supplements if necessary, practicing sports regularly and avoiding the consumption of alcohol or tobacco are fundamental aspects for its prevention.

Likewise, plants can also be a natural aid to strengthen bone health . As detailed from Arkopharma Laboratories, some of the most recommended are the following:

Lithothamnium: it is a seaweed rich in calcium, which favors the mineralization of the bone.

Turmeric: the rhizome of turmeric favors joint flexibility and if it is combined, for example in the form of an infusion, with black pepper its antioxidant properties are enhanced.

Krill Oil and Manganese: Manganese improves tissue formation and the oil introduces omega-3 fatty acids.

Bamboo: its stem is used in some cultures to improve flexibility and contribute to the well-being of the bones.

Horsetail and devil’s claw to improve bone health

There are other plants with beneficial properties for the joints and bones that can also be consumed in the form of tea or infusion. A great alternative is the ponytail . “In herbal medicine, its stems are used to facilitate the elimination functions of the organism”, they detail from Arkopharma.

In addition to having natural anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain or inflammation, it also has remineralizing effects for the bones , as confirmed by a research carried out by RTM Nagpur University (India), due to its silica content.

“It stimulates the synthesis of collagen contained in bone and connective tissues, which helps to promote the reconstruction of cartilage in joint diseases”, they clarify from the laboratories.

Devil’s claw is another very popular plant used as a support for the treatment of various joint pain, such as those caused by osteoporosis. It favors joint well-being because “its roots are rich in glucoiridoids”, which have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

That is why it is often used to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis or in certain rheumatisms. Likewise, ” joint mobility and flexibility improve significantly”, conclude Arkopharma .

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