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What is pediatric dentistry?


Pediatric dentistry is a term used instead of kid’s dentistry are the dentists specialized in performing dental procedures for children; they are experienced in handling several dental issues in children.

And all that we’re going to see here in this article; we’re going to see in detail all about pediatric dentistry. So let’s dive into the article.

Pediatric dentistry is a field of dentistry in which the different dental issues of the children are explored and then treated simultaneously. Pediatric dentistry is performed by a pedodontist or a pediatric dentist who helps the children get rid of their dental issues safely. However, you can visit the best pediatric dentistry near you for an effective and affordable treatment.

How well are the pediatric dentist qualified?

Here are some roles and responsibilities of the pedodontists;

  • The pediatric dentist is well qualified in the way that they can manage children’s problems easily and efficiently.
  • Unlike the general dentist, pediatric dentists are more qualified and have attended two years of additional dental school where they’ve got training for treating infants, children and teens.
  • They have special training in treating the children with great care and also provide proper awareness regarding dental health.
  • They be-friend children and then carry on the treatment so that they don’t fear the dentist and go easy with their dental checkups and treatment.

Which is the best place to obtain pediatric dental treatment?

To obtain the best pediatric dental care, visit the best pediatric dentistry near you or Best dental clinic in Chennai. However, consult and see an experienced dentist for affordable and effective treatment.

What are the different types of treatment do pediatric dentists provide?

Pedodontists are specialized in the following areas;

  • They look after the dental injuries and thus provide treatment accordingly to the children.
  • They conduct oral health exams in infants for both the children and the mother.
  • Managing gums and looking after periodontal diseases to help the children get rid of them easily.
  • They are helping to get out of dental caries, a decayed tooth, and performing root canal treatments in children if necessary.
  • X-Ray scanning, evaluation and diagnosing children with required dental care.
  • Habit counselling for habits like thumb sucking etc.
  • They are creating awareness on dental hygiene and appropriate dental practice.
  • Pediatric dentists provide fluoride treatment, laser dentistry, straightening of the teeth, pulpotomy and crowns, etc.

So these are some problems handled and managed by the pedodontists as special dental care.

What are the benefits of taking your child to the pediatric dentist?

Taking your child to the general dentist may do good, but taking them to the pediatric dentist can do more than you think.

Fun and treatment:

Fun and treatment are both things to be expected with the pediatric dentist. But if this is the general dentist, you may not probably get this. So if you want your children to get rid of the fear they have for dentistry, you can take them better to a pedodontist as they will treat them better. They do create a fun environment and treat the children consequently.

Specialized training:

Not only do they sound better, but they are the best because they have obtained two years of specialized education and training from the dental school, which makes them professional and certified pedodontists.

Creates Awareness:

It’s not that the general dentist won’t aware of the impending dental dangers. Still, the pedodontists are more experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the child’s growth and changes and certain habits that may affect the child’s ability as an individual.

Positive approach:

They know how to deal with misbehaving children and responds positively to their negative behaviour in a thoughtful way. They help children feel dentistry as a normal health care routine rather than feeling a hell out of it.

Smaller tools:

The smaller grown-ups you have taken for the treatment may not fear if they look up at the smaller dental tools, especially if they might have faced the bigger ones. It also makes them feel like treating a smaller problem.

So these are some benefits of taking your child to a professional and experienced pediatric dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pediatric Dentistry Near you;

Why is it important to take your toddler to the dental house?

It is the first step to avoid all dental caries and keep them at bay right from the beginning. It will also help your child develop good dental habits from infancy. The pedodontist may also guide your child towards speech development and correct bite issues.

At what age you must take your child to the dental clinic?

The right age for taking your child to the dental clinic is when your child completes 12 months of age.

At what age your child can stop going to the pediatric dentist?

At 12 or 13, you can stop taking your child to the pediatric dentist.

How Do I help my child to keep their teeth healthy?

Here are some habits to develop as a child;

  • Brushing the teeth twice a day.
  • Including fluoride.
  • Limiting sugar intake.
  • Taking them to proper and regular checkups.

So these are some healthy dental habits that you should develop as a parent for your child.

I hope you find the article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can comment below in the comment section. See you shortly with the following article. Thank you!

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