Esteve Will Sell Its First Own Product In The US


Esteve will sell its first own product in the US. The firm receives FDA approval to develop Seglentis, a co-crystal of celecoxib and tramadol against acute processes.

The US health authority (FDA) has approved a drug from the Catalan pharmaceutical company Esteve to treat acute pain in adults, a drug that is the first product of this company’s own research to be marketed in the US .

Seglentis (celecoxib and tramadol hydrochloride) is a drug developed by Esteve’s R&D team, the first of its kind, composed of a cocrystalline form of celecoxib (anti-inflammatory) and tramadol (analgesic) for the treatment of acute pain in Adults. It offers a new acute pain treatment option aligned with multimodal analgesia, currently considered the standard of care for pain control.

The scientific and medical director of Esteve, Carlos Plata-Salamán, has commented that this innovation “is the result of applying a crystallization technology to improve the physicochemical properties and the pharmacokinetic characteristics of its active pharmaceutical ingredients”.

It is an analgesic that Esteve will market in the US through Kowa Pharmaceuticals America and that is designed for the treatment of acute pain following a multimodal treatment approach aimed at four complementary pain relief mechanisms.

Esteve assures that the drug represents a new option for the treatment of acute pain aligned with multimodal analgesia, currently considered the standard of care for pain control. Esteve’s CEO, Staffan Schüberg, said that the company is “very proud” of this achievement, as “it is recognition of our daily efforts to meet the needs of patients and address the current challenges of treating acute pain. “, has added.

Esteve is a global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona. It has an important presence in Europe through subsidiary subsidiaries and its own production facilities dedicated to the development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Spain, Mexico and China, and a pharmaceutical plant in Germany.


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