Zendaya’s emotional message to Tom Holland for the premiere of ‘Spider-Man


How to celebrate the long-awaited premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home ? After months and months of rumors, theories and others, the cinema and the people remain. Zendaya has that very much in mind and above all she has not hesitated to send a message with the premiere of the film: her chemistry with Tom Holland goes beyond the screen.

It is not that it was an open secret far from it, because it is easy to appreciate the good relationship between both interpreters in any interview that they have intervened since they coincided in Spider-Man: Homecoming . But the actress wanted to emphasize precisely that, that despite everything that has happened to them in those 4 years that have elapsed between one film and another, nothing has changed.

” My Spider-Man, I am very proud of you, some things never change and that is good ” was Zendaya’s message along with a little heart that only adds more tenderness to the message. A publication that is accompanied by two very special memories that show that their illusion to appear in the Marvel Universe has not changed.

Al Tom Holland hanging from a rope and tied by a harness while filming Spider-Man with his usual smile and clad in the spider suit. The same outfit he wore when he was just a kid with a dream of becoming a hero one day.

The photo that not only shows that dreams sometimes come true but that they can be shared by others, as has been the case with Zendaya and her pride in the success shared with Tom Holland. Both can be seen sharing a screen and escaping a thousand problems from this Thursday, December 16 in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


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