Sony Has Already Launched ‘Venom 3’


The critics have never been accompanied (in fact they have been more fierce), but that does not have to matter to a saga, Venom , which seems to have the loyalty of the public. The first installment starring Tom Hardy raised an impressive $ 865 million, so Sony did not hesitate to launch a sequel with Andy Serkis replacing Ruben Fleischer as director. Venom: There will be slaughter has been released this year, and although it has had a significantly worse performance (483 million) it is inevitable to attribute it to the coronavirus, and to assume that the brand continues to have good health. Hence, the study did not take long to plan a continuation.

Amy Pascal , president of Sony, has just given an interview to Collider , where she has been able to talk about both Venom and the next film they have prepared together with Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: No Way Home . Due to a question of rights, the adventures of Tom Holland in the MCU can also belong to the continuity of Sony if their producers so wish, and the possibility that this Peter Parker ends up running into the Tom Hardy symbiote has not done but increase in recent times, especially from a hilarious post-credit scene that linked Venom: There will be Carnage with the shocking ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home .

Still from ‘Across of Spiderverse’
When asked if there will be Venom 3 Pascal gives an ambiguous answer, and even so revealing. “We’re in the planning phase right now, but most of all we want to get everyone to see Spider-Man: No Way Home .” That is, Sony is already developing a possible starting point for Eddie Brock’s third adventure, only No Way Home occupies all your attention right now. Movie Jon Watts (appear in it Venom or not) is articulated as a party confluence previous iterations of the trepamuros in movies Sony, hence the major prefers to focus on it before you start preparing Venom 3 .

For the rest, pre-sale records point to No Way Home being a colossal success, continuing on Sony’s triumphant path and boosting its plans to build a universe based on Spider-Man … without the MCU version necessarily have to be part of it for now. In addition to Venom and its sequels, the major premieres Morbius on January 21 , Spider-Man: Across the Universe (Part 1) is also planned for October 7, 2022 and a film dedicated to Kraven the Hunter with Aaron Taylor- Johnson for January 13, 2023.

It remains to be seen what date Venom 3 receives , which otherwise aims to return to being directed by Andy Serkis.

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