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How You Can Request Your Retirement Pension Without A Digital Certificate

ByRoger Fisher

Jul 30, 2021

The digital certificate with which you can carry out all kinds of online procedures in the Social Security, Tax Agency and other administrations is a tool that not everyone has, which can make it difficult to access operations as transcendental as the application for the retirement pension.

In this sense, Social Security has provided a new form of request for a retirement pension that, being telematic, does not require the use of the digital certificate , as reported by the ministry in its profile on the social network Twitter .

It is a new platform, available at this link , in which Social Security allows you to request a retirement pension and others such as permanent disability (and request revisions or improvements), childbirth benefit, for dependent children or even the Minimum Living Income.

Within the platform, a search engine will appear where you can access the relevant procedure. There are also categories of procedures, within which you can search. To apply for the retirement pension, the citizen can type the term in the search engine or enter the category ‘National pensions’ .

You must choose the option ‘National retirement pension’ , and when doing so the system will ask you to fill in a downloadable form in PDF file that will have to be completed with personal data, employment or banking situation, as well as the documentation required to prove personal circumstances ( supplement for the gender gap, paid days for childbirth, childcare …).

When you fill out this form and provide the relevant documentation, you must click on the blue button ‘Send request’. At that time you will have to identify yourself , and you can do it in three steps :

-Validating the email by sending a code.

-Validating the DNI or NIE with a photograph of both sides of the document.

-Providing a photo in real time, a selfie showing the ID. You can also scan a QR code with another available device as long as it has a camera.

Once the identification has been carried out, the citizen may provide additional comments and enter the data of the province and municipality in which he resides, for the purposes of compliance with the procedure. It will be at this time when the previously filled out form is sent, along with its informative documents.

This will reach the last point, that of confirming the sending of the request by signing the request . To do this, a code will be sent to the email previously provided and through the touch screen, manually in digital format. It can be done by hand or with a cursor, depending on the device used. With this, the process will be over.

When the process has been completed, the system will send you an identification code with which you can track the status of the pension application, in addition to adding or modifying information throughout the process.

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