Calviño Asks Employers For Unity After Criticism From Employers


The third vice president of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has conveyed to businessmen that it is time for “unity”, after the criticisms made by the employers to the possibility of raising the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI ) this year.

This has been pointed out in an interview with RNE, collected by Europa Press, after being asked if it is hasty to raise the minimum wage this year, where it has influenced that entrepreneurs have a role to play in the recovery and where he has stated that ” she’s sure they will. “

“This week we learned that Spain leads the vaccination rate worldwide and we are achieving this because we are all rowing in the same direction,” said Calviño, who also pointed out that this is a “spectacular collective success of Spanish society and not just the government. “

“We are aware that the inequality that was aggravated by the crisis”
According to the economic vice president, this success confirms that when things are done together, “extraordinary” results are achieved.

“It is time to all row in the same direction and we are aware that the inequality that was aggravated by the financial crisis is one of our woes and one of the imbalances that weigh us down and make us worse as a society. Therefore, among all of us We have to improve working conditions and create quality employment, which is the most powerful combination for us to continue growing and reducing inequality, “he said.

Calviño recalled that for three years the SMI has risen by 30% and that Spain was on that path of progress in terms of the minimum wage when the pandemic arrived. “It is evident that we have to continue making appropriate decisions as a responsible government and we have to continue with the path of increasing the SMI with the certainty that this will not put at risk either the economic recovery or the creation of employment,” he added.

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