How Lease to Own Appliances Works


Are you looking for a lease to own dishwasher? When shopping for home appliances, electronics, and other expensive purchases, sellers offer many ways to make payments. Cash and credit are the typical means to buy with the latter requiring a stellar credit history for favorable terms. You might also go for a flexible payment plan as a convenient way of acquiring goods through installments. One such plan is lease-to-own. Here is what you need to know about the program.

What is a lease-to-own purchase?

Also known as rent to own (RTO), this is an installments payment system devoid of a hefty upfront down payment. Additionally, you get to own brand-new appliances without a new line of credit. So, to get a washer on finance, bad credit and no credit applicants do not need to get a credit check for the seller to approve the purchase. It is agreed that you’ll eventually pay the amount in whole or risk having the items repossessed.

Installments are made weekly or monthly. Typically, the system involves large payments over a short period or small amounts spread over a long period. Nonetheless, a store may have room for negotiations to make the transaction favorable to both parties.

Benefits of Lease to Own Appliances

●     No credit checks

One of the hindrances to making a purchase on finance is bad credit. Without a large wad of cash, lenders have a legal right to review your credit report as provided by credit bureaus. The report showcases your creditworthiness which determines whether lenders should approve credit and loans.

As such, when looking to get a washer on finance, bad credit can affect the outcome of your application. On the other hand, rent-to-own terms are not influenced by your credit report. Further, since you enter into a rental plan as opposed to a loan, the purchase does not affect your credit score.

●     Appliances can be returned

As noted, this is a lease plan meaning that you only get to own the appliance after making the last installment. The seller owns the item and only lets you “rent” it week after week until you pay in full. Additionally, you have no legal obligation to remit payments and you can just take the appliance back to the store at any time.

●     Owning higher quality appliances

One of the top benefits of lease-to-own programs is that you can own brand name products easily. This beats buying a low value, cheap washer while saving to buy a better washer later on. The plan also saves you money on replacement parts and repairs for holding on to old and worn-out appliances.

●     Reinstatement of payments

Typically, RTO agreements consider that you can’t guarantee to make timely payments. To ensure that you can still get to own the appliance after you stop payments and return it, the agreement comes with a reinstatement clause.

The provision sees your payments being credited to the same item in the future, without losing the initial investment. This means that you can pay 6 months for a lease to own dishwasher, discontinue installments, return it, and continue payments later.

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