Everything to know about Spiti valley


Do you know the meaning of Spiti and what’s the hidden reason behind it? Umm, well Spiti is also known as The Middle Land and if the meaning of Spiti is this then it means that it lies between two locations and these locations are India and Tibet. Besides its hidden meaning, it is also said that it is a cold desert mountain. You will find the Spiti valley covered with mountains with high ranges.

You will find the link between Spiti and Ladakh’s history. You will find the oldest monasteries of the world in Spiti. Also, there are many research and culture centres for Buddhists here in Spiti. It is also a summer home for the animals who come for grazing here.

If you plan to visit Spiti then you should know about a few things before visiting there.

  1. The climate of Spiti valley and the right time to go there

You will find the climate in which snow will hinder the passing route and you won’t be able to move further from there. Also, the temperature there keeps dropping down especially at night. If you don’t want to be stuck in this situation then you can visit here between late May and late September. As the climate changes into a little warm you will get to see that the pile-up snow will make the way for you to the valley by softening the snow.

  1. You should be aware of the route through which you can get to your destination

You will get the two options to reach Spiti Valley, one from Manali and one from Shimla. If you want to take Shimla as an option then it will take max to max 2 days to Spiti valley. But if you choose to go Spiti valley through Manali then it will take 12-14 hours. The route passing to Spiti valley through Shimla will give you the training for better adjustment or adaptation.

  1. If you are planning to go for any trip then you have to pack your bag according to the requirements for the trip

You should get full-sleeve T-shirts, sun caps, sunglasses, and strolling shoes for your trip. You will be an ideal person if you will cover yourself with many layers.

  1. If you are travelling alone or with your friends in a group

It doesn’t matter if you travel in a group or individually but the important thing is what you will get in return. After visiting Spiti valley you will be gifted with a box of many new experiences. You will learn to live with outsiders if you are travelling alone and for a living, you choose to live with the locals. In this way, you can also learn about the culture and how they face any situation.

  1. To visit any place you need to get the permission

You will need the grant if you choose to go Spiti valley from Shimla through Kinnaur route as you will stop near the Tibetan outskirts. You will also need the permit at Reckong Peo close Kalpa and it may consume a couple of hours from your trip.

  1. You should have the information about the availability of the connectivity and transport system

You will need a BSNL card to survive in Spiti valley. You will also get help from the military satellite.

  1. Your ability the adaptation and you being fit

You have to learn how to adapt to any situation whether it’s tricky or normal even if it’s your first time. Forgoing to any tricky or adventurous place you will have to be very fit. So you should have a full-body checkup and if you are facing any critical situation then you have to consult your doctor if you can go for the adventurous trip.

  1. You can stay with the people of Spiti

You will find that the hearts of some Spitians will be open for every traveller. They will give you the food; will provide you with a place to stay.  

  1. Whatever place you go, money will always matter.

In today’s world of UPI, you will learn the need for cash when you will find no ATM here. Carrying the cash with you is always the smartest thing that you should do, it doesn’t matter what the place is. Your stored cash will be your backup for any situation, for which you are not prepared. So you need to carry enough cash by yourself from Manali or Shimla. You can find the ATM in Kaza but if you are not that lucky then only you can get cash otherwise ATMs over there don’t work properly.

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