Stellantis Expects To Enter 20,000 Million Until 2030


The Stellantis automotive group, formed from the merger between PSA and FCA, plans to enter an additional 20,000 million euros until 2030, thanks to the technologies associated with the connected vehicle and the subscriptions that are included in its new software strategy .

The consortium plans to invest more than 30,000 million euros until 2025 to fulfill its transformation of software and electrification.

And it is that this transformation will allow the group’s vehicles to go from current electronic architectures to an open platform defined by software .

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares explained that “our electrification and software strategies will support the change to become a leading sustainable mobility technology company, taking advantage of business growth associated with over-the-air functions and services. “.

New platforms
As such, Stellantis will have three new scale technology platforms launching in 2024 deployed across Stellantis’ four vehicle platforms over the next two years.

The STLA Brain architecture is service-oriented and cloud-based, connecting the vehicle’s electronic control units with high-performance computing via a high-speed data bus. It breaks the current link between the generations of hardware and software , allowing software developers to quickly create and update features and services without waiting for new hardware to be released .

In addition, these over the air upgrades reduce costs for both customers and Stellantis, simplify maintenance for the user and maintain the residual value of the vehicles.

For its part, the STLA SmartCockpit platform, built on STLA Brain, will seamlessly integrate with the digital needs of vehicle occupants to create a third customizable living space. STLA SmartCockpit, powered by Mobile Drive, the joint venture between Stellantis and Foxconn, offers applications based on Artificial Intelligence such as navigation, voice assistant, e-commerce through a marketplace and payment services.

Finally, STLA AutoDrive, developed in collaboration with BMW, will offer L2, L2 + and L3 autonomous driving capabilities, and will be continually updated through over-the-air updates.

Agreement with Foxconn
On the other hand, Stellantis has signed a memorandum of understanding with Foxconn to create a partnership with the intention of designing a family of semiconductors specially conceived for the models of the Franco-Italian-American group as well as third-party clients.

This alliance will support Stellantis’ initiatives to reduce semiconductor complexity, design a new family of semiconductors specially designed for Stellantis vehicles, and provide great capabilities and flexibility in this increasingly important area as it becomes increasingly important in vehicles. more important software .

The alliance will leverage Foxconn’s technical expertise, development capabilities and supply chain in the semiconductor industry, as well as Stellantis’ extensive experience in the automotive industry and its scale as the company’s primary customer.

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