OCU Advises Not To Call These Phone Numbers


Have you ever received a call from a number that started with 8 or 9? If the answer is affirmative, you should know that they are landlines, business or reverse charge phones – that is, the cost of the call will be paid by the receiver.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) explains on its website what each call that begins with a number other than 6 means so that users know how to identify incoming or outgoing calls, in this way, it prevents those affected from paying more .

800 numbers
They are reserved for telephones in which a service is provided during the call , in addition, they can be identified by these first three figures:

803 : Adult services .
806 : Entertainment services such as games or tarot .
807 : Professional services such as doctors or consultancies.
900 numbers
They belong to the administration or customer service , although each phone has a different meaning:
900 : If you call a phone that starts with these three figures, the call will be free.
901 : Normally it is used by the Public Administration, the Tax Agency or the Social Security . You should know that by dialing 901, you will pay part of the call.
902 : Who calls a telephone with this prefix must pay the full cost of the call.
905 : These numbers are used for televoting services although a fixed amount is paid per call because it is a special rate.
908 : Like the numbers that begin with 907 and 909, these telephones are used for those users who connect through the Internet to provide a service, although it must be expressly requested.
Calls to 118
These numbers are used as a ‘phone book’, they have prices that vary a lot depending on who offers the information and they are not considered premium rate services .
The National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) published a report stating that the average price for a one-minute call was 5.56 euros .

To avoid surprises in the invoice, certain measures were adopted:

Previous announcements that will inform the price.
Ten minute limitations to make the call.
Rates without call establishment.
If the progression of the call exceeds 2.5 euros, a formal and express request from the user will be necessary.


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