What’s New On Twitter: “Remove This Follower” To Avoid Heavier Users


Twitter has implemented a new functionality that allows us to remove followers from our account, a different type of blocking, more permissive.

Everyone knows (or should know) that you can block other users; This action means that they will not be able to follow us again, they will not be able to see our tweets, and we will not be able to see theirs. It is intended as a tool against ‘trolls’, or simply, users that we do not want to see at all.

But it is also a somewhat ‘brute’ tool, and that is why Twitter has implemented a new one today. The option to delete followers allows us to do a ‘soft block’, without all the consequences of a normal block.

When we remove a follower, that user will stop following us, but will still be able to see our posts, and will still be able to interact with us, including sending direct messages and mentions. In fact, you can follow us again if you want.

To remove a follower, we must open our profile, and enter the list of our followers; there, we look for the user in question and press the button with the three dots, where we will click on “Delete this follower” . The user will not be informed that we have deleted him, so he will simply stop seeing our messages and it will be more difficult for him to realize that we have blocked him in this way.

It is an option that can be very useful in some situations. There are times when we want to maintain a certain distance with a user, but we also do not want to completely block him with all the drama that that can entail.

Twitter against the ‘cancellation culture’: it will hide your old tweets automatically

In fact, this feature came about because users had discovered a way to do the same; simply by blocking and unblocking a user it was possible to make them stop following us, and now we have a button dedicated to this.

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