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Almost every game developer has this question in mind: what coding language does unity use? Unity is a game creation platform that allows users to create games on their own. It can be anything from basic 2D games to highly advanced 3D first-person shooting games. Small developers may use Unity for free. There are several tools accessible online for anybody interested in learning how to use it.

It might be difficult to decide which programming language to learn for Unity game development. We’re here to assist you in separating the good from the bad.

If you learn how to create games through unity will not take you so far. The reason dream games can only be possible is through coding. In this blog we have listed down some of the best programming languages used in Unity. Although we all know that the highly used programming language is C# in unity. But there are other Unity languages also.

Let us explain what coding language does unity use.

What coding language does Unity use

  • C#
  • C/C++
  • Rust
  • Python
  • Lua

Let us start with the basic and the most common language first i.e. C# or C sharp


It is the only native programming language supported by Unity, according to its official documentation. It is the ideal Unity language to start with if you’re new to Unity or have prior experience with OOP. Indeed, C# programming is the only Unity language worth knowing, and for a valid reason.

Mono, a cross-platform adaptation of Microsoft’s .NET framework, is used by Unity. C# is the primary .NET programming language, and all of Unity’s frameworks are written in C#. Unity’s programming language is C#. Unity has said clearly that C# is the only genuinely authorized language for Unity development.

The excellent thing is that C# is a strong and simple to learn programming language. Unity is another main reason to learn C#. If you’re a newbie, consider it more digestible. Learning may structure by creating games, and project-based objectives can lead to a better understanding of new subjects.

Unity strives to push the boundaries of what can be done with C# by releasing new capabilities regularly. C# is without any doubt the most preferable programming language when it is about Unity.


Since 2016, the business has abandoned various Unity programming languages in favor of C#. Despite Unity’s rich library and all of C#’s capabilities, you might wish to employ plugins on sometimes. The most popular Unity development programming language for creating plugins is C++.

Plugins are useful for a variety of purposes. And it includes efficiency and accessibility to a codebase written in another language. Building scripts into dynamic link library plugins eliminates the need to rewrite code and, in certain situations, improves speed. Although C++ is the language of choice for plugin development, C can also be used.

You can store the code in Unity’s plugin folder and use it in code as long as it compiles into a DLL file. If you’re already familiar with C/C++, learning C# should be pretty simple. It’s never a bad idea to have your choices open. Consider adding it to your Unity programming language list.


Rust is a language that has generated a lot of interest. Mozilla established it in 2009 as a tool for developers to swiftly produce high-performance applications. Programmers appreciate it because it provides them so much freedom while avoiding the limitations of languages like C++, which may be intimidating at times.

While you can’t write Rust directly in Unity, you can use methods and functions defined in Rust in your Unity code. It’s another approach to make native Unity plugins. You may use Unity’s DllImport feature to access Rust functions straight from C# code. This will exploit Rust’s ability to communicate with other languages.


Python is definitely not the programming language for you if you want to make games. But it is feasible to utilize it. Charlie Calvert explains how to execute Python from C#, but it’s not for the weak-hearted.

To summarize, you must get the IronPython libraries from GitHub and reference them in your C# project. IronPython is currently in active development over ten years after its initial release.

It will let you call Python scripts from C# scripts in the same way that you will any library. IronPython—and its sister project, IronRuby, which combines C# and the Ruby programming language—are wonderful projects, but they are not compatible with Unity.


This is the best answer to “what coding language does Unity use.” MoonSharp, a Lua interpreter, is one of the best examples of an external programming language for Unity. This project is intended to serve as a bridge rather than a replacement for C#. Adding a means for people to play game changes in the Lua programming language is the ideal use case for MoonSharp. You might also use it independently from your primary game code to identify and create levels.

MoonSharp is also worth considering if you are coding in C# and are searching for a fun method to interact with your code. You can integrate this Unity programming language easily into your projects because it is accessible for free on Unity’s Asset store.

Let’s wrap it up!

Unity is only one famous game development platform. There are not numerous Unity programming languages available to use. But what we have listed above are the best ones. And these are also the highly used programming languages today. We hope you have your answer to “What Coding Language Does Unity Use?”.

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