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Forget all the online marketing gurus that advise against putting keywords into your articles.

They claim to write naturally without stuffing keywords but they greatly optimize their sites, build backlinks with optimized anchor texts and already have huge follower base.

If you want search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo and others to understand your webpages, then you need to use your target keywords in the article, maintaining good keyword density is however important.

What is Keyword?

Keywords, that is. the terms that users enter into the Google search, are the be-all and end-all for an SEO article, and strategic marketing, according to Techpally.

Keywords form the basis of the your article and decide which search terms the SEO article is used for.

Keyword Optimization

The use of an individual focus keyword as well as synonyms and semantically related words not only ensures a varied text structure, but also helps to be found under different search terms, says chaktty.

You can determine the search volume of your defined keywords by doing keyword research with Google’s keyword planner.

Ideally, the term will have high search volume and low competition as recommended by businesspally.

If you want to start writing right now, you should rather work in a targeted manner than according to the motto “more is more”, because the SEO article should remain reader-friendly.

While keywords should be used fluently in SEO article, there are a few places where you should think of keywords:

  • At the beginning of the text
  • In the H1 heading and at least one other H2
  • In the image description (alt tags)
  • In the meta description

Keyword Density

There is no exact value from Google for optimal keyword density.

We recommend a keyword density of around 2%. Anything (much) above that runs the risk of being classified as spam by Google.

Today, however, the WDF*IDF formula is seen as much more important than the keyword density.

This allows the ratio of certain keywords in a text to be analyzed.

The calculation tools look at the competition for the defined keyword and also provide suggestions as to which words can be used more often in the text and which are perhaps still missing.

This holistic view of a text is becoming increasingly important, since Google not only looks at the individual keywords, but also at the context and the wealth of information.

Now this is a big one: keyword text structure

Even if SEO texts should be found by search engines, they are primarily written for the target group.

Clarity and reading flow should therefore be the focus when creating the text

 It starts with the heading structure: All headings should be formatted as H1-H6 HTML headings so that the document structure is recognizable for Google and users.

By the way, you can easily check the H structure of a page with the Google Chrome extension Webdeveloper.

A short teaser text and a crisp conclusion with a call-to-action form the framework of the article.

Partial headings and short paragraphs make it easier to get an overview, and bold keywords should make the content clear even when skimming through SEO texts.

With pictures and graphics, the text is also visually appealing, and this also creates the opportunity to lure users of Google image search to the post.

The creation and use of a images is particularly useful for more complex issues.

Regarding text length, there is no ideal text length for SEO texts.

This is simply dependent on the format and how much “substance” the topic has to offer.

Basically, as little as possible, as much as necessary. For example, the length of a competitor’s text can be a guide, but it is crucial that the reader finds all the relevant information.

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