Simple Home Remedies Already In Your Kitchen


Making use of natural remedies is a method to honor the wisdom passed down throughout the centuries. If you’re trying to live a healthier and self-sufficient lifestyle There are a myriad of tried-and-tested solutions to common ailments at the ready within the kitchen. These contain herbs and other the usual ingredients you’ll probably already have in your fridge or cabinet.

Problem: Cough Due To A Cold

Solution Dark (not milk) Chocolate

Cocoa contains an ingredient called theobromine that can aid the body to fight symptoms of the common cold. A study in 2012 revealed that cocoa’s chemical slowed down the function on the sensor nerves in those suffering from colds, and prevented this reaction to cough. The researchers of this study found the chocolate chemical that is superior to codeine for combating chronic coughs.

Problem: Dry Skin

Solution: Sea Salt

Sea salt is an excellent exfoliant. The coarser grains do an excellent job in removing the dryness of and flaky skin. Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon sea salt and half a cup of massage oil. After that, apply the treatment on rough spots on knees, elbows, and heels.

Problem: Insomnia

Solution: Cherries (or Cherry Juice)

Cherries are one of the few foods which are an organic source of the hormone melatonin. This chemical influences our body’s internal clock to regulate sleep cycles, as per The Dr. Mark Moyad, an alternative medicine specialist from the University of Michigan Medical Center and the writer of The Supplement Handbook. Take one cup of juice for 20 minutes prior to you go to bed. Make sure that you drink only pure juice, without additional ingredients.

Problem: Minor Cuts

Solution: Turmeric

Turmeric is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredient that can be utilized as a potent disinfectant. If you’ve been afflicted with cuts or burns and require treatment apply turmeric powder to the site of injury to speed up the healing process.

Problem: Nausea

Solution: Ginger

Try raw or candied ginger, as well as homemade ginger ale, or make ginger chips. Make a tea with freshly cut ginger. After it is cool, strain it into an ice cube tray. The frozen cubes can be crushed and then eat a piece of the ginger chips for relief from the stomach upset.

Problem: Sore Throat

Solution: Fresh Garlic Juice

Be sure to take the garlic juice from six cloves into your glass filled with warm (not cold) warm water. Mix the ingredients and gargle with the solution 2 times daily. Garlic is abundant in allicin. It is believed that it helps in reducing irritation that can cause a sore throat while combating the germs that cause the discomfort and irritation.

Problem: Vomiting

Solution: Mint Leaves

Sucking in a few mint leaves picked from your garden can ease irritation in the digestive tract as well as the esophagus. It is effective in eliminating bacteria that live within your stomach that may be the reason for nausea.

Problem: Dandruff

Solution: Lemongrass oil

If your hair is rough, try the lemongrass. The perennial plant is full of antimicrobial compounds known as citral and geraniol that combat fungus that could cause scalp dandruff. While the oil is not recommended to use in isolation, one study revealed that those who used a tonic containing five to 15 percent lemongrass oils experienced less dandruff after a period of two weeks.

Problem: Weight gain

Solution: Green tea

Combining a healthy diet with exercise and drinking green tea may accelerate weight loss. This is because polyphenols, or compounds, that are present in the tea can help to reduce fat cells, and caffeine may also aid in losing weight. 

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Problem Dry eyes

Solution: Flaxseed oil

Are you bored of watching excessive screen time that can cause an eye strain? Consume 1 up to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily. The anti-inflammatory effects from omega-3 fats contain it can help to reduce the dryness of your eyes.

Problem: Gas

Solution: Fennel seeds

Fennel is a carbminative that is a chemical that may aid in the elimination of gases from your digestive. They’re also sold in supermarkets to aid digestion. Consider chewing, and then swallowing a half teaspoonful of the seeds towards the end of your meals. 

Problem: Diarrhea

Solution: Cooking water

Cook oatmeal, brown rice or both in double the amount of water is typically used to cook it, then filter to remove the sediment. When the water is cool, take it into. The water is an electrolyte-rich liquid which are eliminated when you are suffering from diarrhoea. Replacing electrolytes can help ease the discomfort.

Problem: Bee Sting

Solution: Baking Soda

Applying baking sodaor water paste to the area of a bee sting or other insect can aid in reducing the pain and itching. Get rid of the bee the stinger first. Then, you can smooth the baking soda mix to provide immediate relief.

Problem: Canker Sores

Solution: Honey

Researchers at the Saudi Arabian university tested three types of sufferers with ulcers caused by canker. They treated sores with regular honey, which is available in shops. The other utilized an oral cream to treat corticosteroid while the third group used an over-the-counter cream which creates an enveloping paste which covers wounds till they heal. Honey users were able to endure less painful days and faster shrinkage compared to the two other groups due to of the anti-inflammatory properties that honey has. Indeed, certain varieties of honey have antibacterial properties and have been found to enhance the development of tissues in the healing process of wounds.

Problem: Chapped Lips

Solution: Olive Oil

It’s high in anti-inflammatory compounds along with antioxidants. The fats present in the oil help to moisturize. Apply it like it would be applied to lip balm if you notice your lips dry. It is also possible to make your own lip gloss with olive oil, by mixing the oil and melting beeswax to the ratio 1:1, and adding essential oils to give pleasant scent. There are a variety of lipsticks available that are made of olive oil.

Problem: Foot Odor

Solution: Vinegar

So, put your feet in the tub with one Cup of vinegar made from apple and two cups of warmer bathing water. The problem is not sweat, but bacteria that can cause stinky feet. The vinegar makes an acidic environment that eliminates bacteria.

Problem: Heartburn

Solution: Apples

Apples are rich in pectin which is is a soluble fibre and is extremely effective in the absorption of stomach acid. Furthermore, they have two types of acids (malic and tartaric) which aid in bringing the acids that come from the stomach. The ideal apples are sweet golden or red delicious, but not tart granny Smiths.

Problem: Sunburn

Solution: Vinegar, Oatmeal or Aloe Vera

The bathing process with 1 cup of vinegar from apple cider may help in maintaining the skin’s pH burnt by the sun. An oatmeal bath can help ease irritation. Cutting off an aloe Vera leaf and applying its sap on the skin may help in treating the burn, as well as moisturize the surface.

Problem: Hiccups

Solution: Two Tablespoons Sugar

The inhalation from coarse particles triggers vagus nerve, which triggers spasms that ease the diaphragm.

Problem: Anxiety

Solution: Catnip

The cat’s most loved plant can help alleviate anxiety. It’s easy to plant in your own garden at home and you can drink tea with it or use it as an extra boost. Catnip has stimulant properties that cat’s enjoy. They enjoy playing with it, but it can have adverse effects on humans. It’s a relaxing experience for us and soothes the mind. 

Problem: Back discomfort

Solution: Use White Willow

It’s available as a supplement, white willow is commonly regarded an alternative to Aspirin because of its presence of salicin that natural form of the drug’s ingredient for pain relief. It’s commonly employed to complement other anti-inflammatory treatments.

Problem: Ear infection

Solution: lemon juice

Put one drop of lemon juice directly into your ear. Studies have proven that lemon juice contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Problem: Memory loss

Solution: Rosemary

Deeply taking in the fresh, dried or fresh aroma of rosemary could aid in improving cognitive performance for a short time research shows. For the best results, choose the more focused essential oils. It is worth taking a few minutes to sniff a freshly cut rosemary sprig every day may also increase your the alertness. 


Make sure you are aware of methods that work for you. You could be able substitute specific prescription medications and save money!

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