Everything You Need To Know About The Covid Digital Certificate


The European Union (EU) digital covid certificate allows travel between the EU member states and is also essential in Catalonia to access certain spaces such as nightlife venues, indoor standing music festivals and celebrations in hotels and restaurants where people dance indoors. Soon, it will be necessary in the interiors of bars and restaurants, in gyms and sports centers and in residences for the elderly in response to the increase in the incidence of covid-19 in recent days.

It is important to remember that the use of a mask is mandatory in all indoor spaces, except when eating or drinking, and in outdoor spaces if the physical interpersonal safety distance cannot be maintained.

Types of covid digital certificate

There are three types of EU covid digital certificates , equally valid:

If you are vaccinated against covid-19. If the person is vaccinated against covid-19, they receive the Certificate of vaccination against covid-19. Citizens can download this document if they have completed the vaccination schedule, with vaccines approved by the European Union: Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna / Lonza, Oxford / AstraZeneca or J & J / Janssen.

If the covid-19 has passed in the last six months and there is a positive PCR that is recorded in the Catalan health system. If the person has passed COVID-19 in the last six months and has a positive PCR, the COVID-19 Recovery Certificate can be downloaded. To obtain it, a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 180 have to pass from the positive result by PCR of covid-19. By European guideline, the rapid antigenic test (ART) is not valid to obtain the certificate of recovery from covid-19. It will be necessary to wait two months from the positive diagnosis to receive a dose of vaccine and to obtain the Certificate of vaccination against covid-19.

If a negative diagnostic test, ART or PCR, is available in an authorized center. If a negative diagnostic test is available, the Certificate of negative covid-19 diagnostic test is obtained. In this case, an antigen or PCR test will be necessary, which can be done in any of the accredited centers that appears in this link: https://canalsalut.gencat.cat/ca/salut-az/c/coronavirus-2019- ncov / ciutadania / certificat-covid-digital-eu / centers-accreditats /

In case of not being vaccinated, it is necessary to ask for the date and time for the vaccination at vaccinacovidsalut.cat and citaalut.gencat.cat . In case of not being vaccinated, the other two certificates can be requested. With the exception of children under 12 years of age, who do not require a covid digital certificate to access these venues.

How do I download the EU covid digital certificate?
There are two ways to download the certificate or have it in physical format:

It is important to note that the web app to verify the covid-19 digital certificate works with a QR reader . Therefore, the valid document to access all these spaces is only the covid digital certificate with the QR code and, therefore, any other proof of vaccination document will not be valid . People who do not have a health card from the Catalan health system and, therefore, do not have a CIP, will be able to obtain the negative covid-19 diagnostic test certificate with their ID through https: //certificatproves.catsalut.gencat. cat . This information, as well as answers to other frequently asked questions, are available at the following link:https://canalsalut.gencat.cat/ca/salut-az/c/coronavirus-2019-ncov/ciutadania/certificat-covid-digital-ue/

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