Amazon Announces That They Will Reject Visa Credit Card Payments In UK


Amazon has communicated today by email to its customers in the United Kingdom that it will not accept payments with Visa credit cards from January 19, 2022. The reason why the ecommerce company has made this decision is “ the high fees that Visa charge for processing transactions made with credit cards ”.

This news will only affect the United Kingdom for the moment , therefore, in Spain we will not have to worry. On the other hand, British users will not have any impediment to continue making their payments with credit cards with other companies, or with the debit cards of any company (including Visa).

An Amazon spokesperson explained that ” the cost of accepting card payments continues to be an obstacle for businesses to prosper in order to provide the best prices for customers .”

The spokesman believes that the prices of card payments should fall ” with technological advances . ” However, the opposite is happening and costs are still high and even growing.

Despite this news, the source assures that Amazon will continue to innovate ” in favor of customers to add and promote faster, cheaper and more inclusive payment options ” in its international shipping e-commerce store .

This is not the first time that Amazon has had problems with Visa. In September this year , the company introduced a 0.5% surcharge to Singapore customers who made their purchases with Visa.

As Amazon explained at the time, this measure was carried out because they were not willing to pay the increase in Visa surcharges for card payments . Although they assured that this measure would not be extended to other countries, now it seems that they want to remove the payment with Visa credit cards completely in the United Kingdom.

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