UK’s Ugliest Dog Enjoys Pampering Prize


It’s hard work being Britain’s ugliest dog but Peggy, the unique crossbreed who’s won that title, was spoiled rotten yesterday.

The four-year-old enjoyed a prize pamper session at a luxury doggie spa courtesy of competition organisers

She enjoyed several treatments including a fabulous hydrobath followed by a blueberry facial.

Feeling clean and refreshed, Peggy then had a hand dry and trim before finishing with a paw and nose balm treatment and a spritz of fragrance so she left the groomer looking and smelling fantastic.

Holly Middleton Peggy’s owner said: “Thank you so much to for the whole experience, and all the lovely ladies at the exclusive doggie spa. 

“Being part of the ugliest dog competition has been brilliant from start to finish. Peggy has loved every second and has been absolutely lapping up all of the fuss and attention.

“The makeover was fabulous and Peggy was treated like an absolute queen. What little hair she has is extremely soft and fluffy and she smells divine, which is rare. She’s been absolutely spoiled rotten but she 100% deserves it.”

The luxury spa was the first part of Peggy’s prize. She will now go on to receive a canvas print portrait from competition organisers

To find out more about Peggy and why she has been named the ugliest dog in the UK please head over to:

We have more exclusive images of Peggy’s beauty treatments available so please come back to me if you’d like to receive them.

Chief judge and founder Matt Dahan said: “Peggy is a little star and she is a worthy winner of our fun competition to find the UK’s ugliest dog.

“It was fantastic to see her enjoy her prize at the spa and she looked amazing after all her treatments.

“Now we are working on producing an exclusive portrait of her on one of our canvas prints.

“She seems to be dealing with her new found fame very well and I just hope all this attention doesn’t go to her head.”

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