If You Are Sleepy, Ask For Milk And Not A Decaf

ask for milk

Decaffeinated coffee is not lacking in caffeine, but rather has a much lower dosage than regular coffee and can affect some people. After a certain time of day or if you are nervous, many tend to choose to order or prepare decaffeinated coffee instead of a regular one .

The reason is caffeine and how this component awakens the senses and the body too much, when it fails to make people nervous. But it may be better to have a glass of warm milk without further additives .

Some do not know, but decaffeinated coffee still has a small dose of caffeine that depending on the person may not be imperceptible . If you are used to drinking normal coffees, it will surely pass “unnoticed” by your body, but in some moments it will have a slight effect on you.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration , ” decaf have less caffeine than their regular counterparts, but still contain some. For example, decaf coffee typically contains 2 to 15 milligrams in an 8-ounce cup .”

But is an amount like this felt by the person, is it worth taking into account? In response, the same FDA suggests the following: ” If you have a strong negative reaction to caffeine, you may want and vitar these drinks at all “.

In case you want to rest calmly and even with help, a glass of hot milk is always a good solution . It should not be forgotten that milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that the body transforms into serotonin , known as the sleep hormone.

Anyway, there is always the feeling and the habit that each one has. Some people can sleep despite having had a normal coffee minutes before and others are unable if they have tried it during the day. Although when in doubt, it is better to avoid any type of coffee, normal or decaffeinated .


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