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WhatsApp For PC Adds Function That Has Been Expected For Years

ByMichael Grey

Jan 6, 2021
expected for years

After so long waiting, you will soon be able to make WhatsApp calls and video calls through your computer.

One of the most inexplicable situations for users has been that WhatsApp allowed for years to make calls and video calls on the mobile but not through the computer , both via browser and through the application. Fortunately, it looks like this will change after the last localized update.

In a very limited way, the new WhatsApp Desktop update already adds the possibility of making this type of communication with other contacts, both calls and video calls. as they have tested in WABetainfo .

When the function is fully launched, it will finally be possible to do the same thing that is already possible with an endless number of applications, from Zoom to Skype, Jitsi and many others that work for free and that have grown so much in recent times, although each have different security measures.

But it should be noted that the limitations of WhatsApp for computers are still important . The same buttons of the implementation show that you are facing a test function that can be undone at any time . If you are one of those who already have it, you will see a perspective similar to this:

At the moment it is still necessary that the mobile is connected to the desktop application . Although it is true that calls will be made through the microphone and camera of the computer , not the phone. Video calls work normally, but the number of users who have the update is still small.

If you have not yet received the update with the functionality to make WhatsApp calls and video calls through your computer, don’t worry, if you go ahead you will be updated soon .

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