This Food Processor Prepares 5,000 Recipes And Scrubs The Dishes


It may seem like an invention of the future, but this kitchen robot is very close. It is a robotic chef developed by the Moley Robotics company that is capable of preparing more than 5,000 recipes and also washing dishes.

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and in our homes we benefit from its advantages. In recent years we have seen how kitchen robots have improved considerably, incorporating an internet connection to download recipes and update the software with new functions, as well as screens for step-by-step guided cooking.

However, they are not yet autonomous and require someone to add the ingredients and perform other actions.

Many people dream of the day when they can have a robot that prepares food without the need for help. If you are one of them, you won’t have to wait long to see this dream come true. And, although it seems something out of the future, there is a robot that not only cooks autonomously, but also scrubs the dishes.

Moley Robotic Kitchen is a fully automated robot chef . It consists of robotic arms and hands, a recipe recording system, a screen with access to a recipe library, and a full suite of kitchen appliances and accessories optimized for both robots and human use.

As you can see in the video on these lines, the system is a fully automated kitchen that prepares food and cleans without the need for human intervention.

The set has a wide repertoire of sensors, cameras and technology that allows the arms to take the ingredients they need from the shelves or the refrigerator, to select the utensils to use for the preparation of the recipe, to prepare the dish and that finally they leave everything collected and clean.

Moley Robotic Kitchen has a database of 5,000 recipes that will be updated, and owners will also have the ability to add their favorite recipes.

The first time we heard about Moley’s robot chef was last year , when it was still in the prototype phase, but now the commercial version is ready and can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website , the British company Moley Robotics.

In statements to the Daily Mail newspaper , the company points out that the price of this automated kitchen ranges between 33,000 and 61,000 euros , depending on the configuration chosen. At the moment it is a private quantity, but the company assures that over time they will be able to reduce their prices.

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