SEPE Benefit For People Who Have Improved From Permanent Disability


The pensioner can lose a permanent disability pension in many cases that are not always negative. It is the situation in which people find themselves who improve in their condition and who have left behind a degree of great disability or permanent total or absolute disability.

In these cases, pensioners (who are left with a partial permanent disability or cease to be pensioners in the best of cases) are left without the income of the pension, so the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) puts a their provision of a benefit to cover them in the first months of transition.

As stated by the agency on its website , the subsidy for people who have improved from a permanent disability is available to them , one more of the different types of unemployment subsidy received by more than 738,000 people in our country ( data from September 2021 ).

In order to receive this subsidy, in addition to having improved from a permanent disability, the applicant must meet other requirements :

-The beneficiary must be unemployed, sign the activity commitment and cannot reject job offers or have refused to participate in promotion, training or professional reconversion actions.

-You must also be registered as a job seeker at least one month before applying for the subsidy. This requirement is common in other benefits .

-Credit that incomes are less than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), which is currently 723.75 euros per month. If, at the time of requesting the application, you do not meet the requirement, you may request payment during the following year if, during that time, it does adjust to the established income.

The SEPE explains that all these requirements must not only be met at the time of application for the subsidy: they must also be met during the entire time it is charged. And it appeals to people who have all the requirements to collect the subsidy for over 52 years : they should collect that and not the improvement of a disability.

Duration and amount of the subsidy for improvement of a disability
People who meet all the conditions will be able to collect the subsidy, which lasts for six months , although it can be extended for periods of the same duration up to a total of 18 months , a year and a half.

The amount of the subsidy, as with others, is 451.92 euros per month , the amount equivalent to 80% of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (IPREM). The rise in this indicator by 2.5% will increase this subsidy in 2022 to a monthly value of 463.21 euros per month .

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