5 Chinese Copies Of Cars That Weren’t Good


They are the masters of fakes, but they do not always succeed, as we will see with these examples. We know that Chinese cars have a soft spot for Europeans … or at least their designers. That is why they often look suspiciously like other models. Or at least they try, like the protagonists of this list.

They are probably some of the worst Chinese copies of cars in history. In them you can see that the idea was “good”, but copying cars is not as easy (or legal) as it seems and therefore, the result is not always what is expected. Take care of your retinas, because what you are going to see can be abrasive.

CH Auto Lithia
It has rained since the CH Auto Lithia saw the light for the first time. In 2012, CH Auto presented this electric car at the Beijing Motor Show and as soon as it was done, the controversy was served: its intentions to imitate the Audi R8 were clear, although deep down they were not at all …

The Lithia offered 201 CV at 7,000 rpm and 220 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm, it offered a low range of 150 km and needs just over an hour of charging to recover 80% of the capacity of its battery.

Lifan 320
The Lifan 320 first went on sale in China in 2008 with a clear resemblance to the Mini … Well, a Mini designed by your 8-year-old nephew for the school drawing contest. More or less. It was powered by an 80 hp, 110 Nm gasoline engine, it took 14.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h and reached a top speed of 155 km / h. Wildly…

Suzhou Eagle Carrie
With the Suzhou Eagle Carrie we have doubts because we don’t know if the idea was to make a Chinese copy of a Porsche (pay attention to the logo) or a Ferrari; it’s a (horrible) mix of the two. It seems to us such an aberration that it is impossible to continue analyzing beyond its appearance …

Bud B11
Another careful Chinese copy is the Yema B11, a desperate attempt to mimic the BMW i3. Even the colors are identical, although it looks somewhat more artificial and disproportionate. It was available both as an electric and in a plug-in hybrid version -with 40 and 67 HP of power-, although forget about carbon fiber …

Hawtai Boliger B35
The last but not least Chinese copy we are talking about today is also an odd mix between the Porsche Cayenne and Jaguar (especially if you look at the grid). In addition, far from its attempt to appear ‘premium’, there were hidden worldly gasoline engines and a price, by the way, not cheap: the most expensive was around 41,000 euros.

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