Google’s Artificial Intelligence Creates Promotional Video For Spain


Can an artificial intelligence create a promotional video of tourism in Spain? Google’s AI has tried and, well … you better check the results for yourself. The artificial intelligence is taking its first steps. And as a newborn child, you have a lot to learn. But he is persistent and does not tire, so he will eventually succeed.

We’ve seen AIs already creating music video clips and movie trailers. Google Arts & Culture has used artificial intelligence to create a promotional video for Spain , and the result will surprise you.

There are many types of AI, and some are better suited than others to perform certain tasks. The antagonistic generative networks are specialized in generating completely new images from others.

The experiment called The Never-Ending Holiday by Google Arts & Culture has used one of the most advanced antagonistic generative networks in the world, NVIDIA’s StyleGAN2 , to create this peculiar promotional video from Spain:

What Google has done is provide the AI ​​with thousands of photographs of emblematic places in our country. Specifically, the Royal Palace of Madrid, the town of Cadaqués (Girona), the Arc de Triomphe, views of the rooftops of Barcelona, ​​the Tabernas desert in Almería, the Teide volcano in Tenerife, and La Concha beach in San Sebastián. .

StyleGAN2 artificial intelligence has studied these images and used Google Maps and Google Street View to generate transactions of iconic images of Spain that adjust to the beat of the music.

If you want to know more about how antagonistic generative networks work. The result of the video, we could classify it as peculiar. Google itself defines it as ” an endless hallucinogenic ride “, and the truth is that it describes it quite well.

As a technological experiment it is very interesting, but as a video to promote tourism in Spain … for now, creative advertisers don’t have to worry about AI. Your job is not in danger … for now … In addition to this video focused on Spain, Google has created others for France and Italy . Take a look at the links to see them.

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