How SEPE Can Remove Unemployment From You


Collecting the contributory unemployment benefit entails a series of obligations and requirements that must be met at the time of requesting this aid (when we are left without a job and have accumulated the necessary contributions), but its collection, in addition, also means that the citizen is keep within margins during the period in which you receive the benefit. Otherwise, you may be left without help.

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) collects on its website a series of circumstances by which it can cut the benefits it pays to unemployed workers. In case of detecting any of these situations, it will order the end of the payment of the benefit and can even order the return of the amounts collected improperly .

Some of the causes of termination of the collection of the contributory unemployment benefit are purely logical. This is the case, for example, of workers who have reached ordinary retirement age and are entitled to receive a pension. These people will stop collecting unemployment to receive said pension. The same thing happens in the case of workers who go on to receive a disability pension in its total, absolute and severe disability degrees.

Other cases of pure logic are those that correspond to the exhaustion of the benefit (you can opt for some type of subsidy ), death of the holder of the benefit (although their relatives will collect the pending amounts) and when the worker voluntarily waives the collection of the benefit , which they must declare to the SEPE.
How much should a self-employed person contribute to collect unemployment (and the time and amount that remains)
How much should a self-employed person contribute to collect unemployment (and the time and amount that remains)

A reason for termination of the strike is the transfer abroad for more than 90 days without notifying the SEPE and when traveling for 12 months or more to seek or perform a job, perform professional development tasks or international cooperation.

Neither will those people who get a job as an employee for a period of at least 12 months and those who are engaged in self- employment for at least 60 months will have the right to collect unemployment . Otherwise, you could capitalize the unemployment to found a business or continue to collect unemployment while developing your activity as a self-employed person.

Goodbye to unemployment for minor, serious and very serious offenses
Another of the cases in which the citizen loses the right to collect unemployment is when sanctions are imposed for minor, serious and very serious infractions contemplated in the Law on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order, in its article 17 .

Among them: failing to appear in public employment services or placement agencies, failing to renew the job application, failing to comply with the requirements of the Personal Employment Agreement, rejecting suitable job offers, refusing to participate in employment programs, failure to application or diversion of aid, as well as coexistence with companies to accredit or justify non-existent or not carried out training actions.

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