How to Take Care of Your Hair with Ayurveda


According to Ayurveda, unhealthy hair can be a result of your bad diet and lifestyle. Traditional Ayurvedic science says that your hair health is directly related to what you eat and how you live.

Apart from topical treatments with medicinal herbs, Ayurveda stresses the importance of healthy ahara-vihara (diet and lifestyle). Being a holistic healing approach, Ayurveda stresses the wholesome well-being of your body and mind that naturally helps with your hair health.

If you are looking for Ayurveda products in Sydney to help with your hair health, you can always find them from a trusted source or any reliable online store.

But first, more on how to use Ayurveda to take care of your hair health.

Know Your Hair Type

According to Ayurveda, our bodily activities get regulated by three vital energies; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It also says that each individual is a combination of these three doshas, with one or two doshas dominating. The combination of these tridoshas (as named in Ayurveda), determines your hair type and health.

Vata Hair

If you have a Vata-dominant body, you will have Vata hair. Vata hair tends to be thin, straight, and with higher porosity. With the aggravation of Vata dosha in your body, the scalp dries up and the sebum production in your hair gets really low. This eventually leads to dry hair, split ends, and hair loss. To keep Vata hair type healthy, you need to provide proper nutrition to your hair follicles.

Pitta Hair

Pitta is responsible for regulating the proteins and pigments in your hair. It is also responsible for the metabolic activities in your hair.

When you have a healthy pitta in your body, your hair will be wavy with a medium thickness. With pitta imbalance, you may face premature greying, scalp inflammation, clogged follicles with bacteria build-up, hair loss, redness, etc.

Kapha Hair

Kapha regulates your hair structure and its lubrication. If your Kapha energy is in balance, your hair will be thick, lustrous, and curly.

Any imbalance with Kapha can result in overproduction of sebum in your scalp, which eventually leads to a greasy scalp, itching, and hair fall.

Hair Oil and Shampoo According to Hair Types

After you have determined your aggravated dosha, it’s now time to choose your hair oil and shampoo accordingly. Here is a breakdown of which herbs work for which dosha.

Vata-Pacifying Herbs

Given below is a list of herbs that works on maintaining your hair and pacifying your Vata dosha:

  • Palandu (onion)
  • Yashtimadhu (Licorice)
  • Devdar (Cedar)
  • Saireyaka (BarleriaPrionitis)
  • Ashwagandha (WithaniaSomnifera)

If you have Vata dosha aggravating, you should your hair care products containing these herbs.

Pitta-Pacifying Herbs

Listed below are some herbs that pacify your Pitta dosha.

  • Yasthimadhu (licorice)
  • Jaba (Hibiscus)
  • Kamala (NelumboNucifera)
  • Nimba (Neem)

With an aggravating pitta dosha, you should consider buying hair care products with the above herbs.

Kapha Pacifying Herbs

Given below is a list of herbs that are Kapha pacifying.

  • Gunja (Rosepea)
  • Grapeseed
  • Brahmi (BacopaMonnieri)
  • Bhringraj (eclipta alba)

When you have an aggravating Kapha dosha, you should choose your hair care products containing these ingredients.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Ayurveda says that your scalp is a composition of several energy-relieving points called ‘Marmas.’ You should oil and massage your scalp and hair that acts as a rejuvenating tool to extricate any aggravated doshas that might have accumulated in your head through marmas.

Apart from rejuvenation, scalping and massaging your hair (with dosha-specific oils) regularly can help in maintaining strong, healthy, and lustrous hair. The herbs present in the dosha-specific oil nourish your hair and strengthen the roots.

These are some of the Ayurvedic ways to maintain healthy hair. Determining your hair type is the primary task you have. Next, you can choose your Ayurveda products in Sydney according to the aggravating dosha you have. 

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