How TikTok Is Revolutionising the Skincare Industry


If there’s one platform that’s turned the skincare game on its head, it’s TikTok.

Once the domain of viral dances, the app is now bursting with engaging videos from dermatologists, aestheticians, and ‘skinfluencers’. With access to so much expert advice, TikTok has replaced Insta as our go-to social media app for all things skincare and beauty.

We’re engaging with skincare content on TikTok more than ever. Currently, #skincare is sitting at over 65 billion – yes, BILLION! – views. 52 per cent of us say we use TikTok to find new products, while influencer posts were up 16% in early 2021 compared to 2020.

Here, we’ll cover three ways TikTok has revolutionised how we think about skincare and beauty.

Access to expert advice

We know from hours of scrolling endlessly on Instagram that the influencers we engage with aren’t necessarily qualified experts. We still love watching OOTD videos from our favourite influencers, but unlike fashion, there’s a science to skincare. On ‘SkinTok’, as it has been affectionately dubbed, we have access to advice from people who’ve studied the things they’re educating us on. While we love skinfluencers like @skincarebyhyram, we’re also turning to qualified dermatologists like @dermdoctor and @dermbeautydoc to help us nail our routines.

These experts are busting all the myths that we’ve grown up with, giving us the knowledge we need to have our healthiest skin ever. Thanks to their no-nonsense advice, we know that scrubbing at our acne with rough exfoliators will aggravate it, not make it go away. We know hydration and moisture is the key to keeping our skin youthful and bouncy. Most importantly, these qualified influencers are educating us on the importance of SPF – so if you’re looking for that all-important bronzed glow, self-tan and tan drops are the way to go!

In a world where anyone can be an influencer, having access to real, expert advice is important for looking after our skin. Save the reality star influencers for your fashion and make-up scrolling.

Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients

One of the benefits of following qualified experts is that they’re educating us on the ingredients in our products. Now, we’re smarter than ever before and we know what ingredients to look out for. We know now that our teenage ‘holy-grail’ products like witch hazel are actually too harsh for our skin, while salicylic acid will help unclog those pores and leave our skin glowing.

Thanks to TikTok, we’re selling out products that boast the ingredients we’re craving. The Ordinary’s TikTok-famous peeling solution has sold out so many times, with sales trebling yearly. We’ve also been introduced to new brands at affordable prices that include these powerhouse ingredients – meaning we can splurge more money on make-up and nights out! Our skin has never looked more radiant thanks to hyaluronic acid, retinol, and niacinamide.

We’re learning about the ingredients behind our favourite serums and creams. In turn, we’re empowered to make smart choices when we buy new products. No more being sucked in by stunning packaging and false promises.

Viral hacks lead the way

Who doesn’t love a life hack? Skincare and beauty hacks on TikTok aren’t in short supply, with users offering tips to improve your products and routines. Experts like @charlotteparler have taught us that applying most of our skincare products to damp skin can supercharge their effects – hello, glowing queen!

Our lips have never been plumper and poutier since we started layering a moisturiser under our lip balms, and our faces are also more sculpted when we leave the house in the morning thanks to massaging in our products, which helps reduce puffiness.

But, as with anything else, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. DIY face masks and treatments are huge on TikTok, with unqualified creators recommending blends of lemon juice, baking soda, and even egg whites. Our favourite TikTok derms recommend against these hacks because they can undo all the hard work we’ve put into our smooth, glowing complexions. Instead, look for products formulated with skin-loving ingredients. For example, try goji berries, which are an amazing antioxidant, instead of slathering raw ingredients on your face.

When it comes to skincare hacks on TikTok, we recommend sticking to viral techniques – like facial massage and damp skin – instead of DIY concoctions that could lead to red, irritated skin and acne outbreaks. That’s the last thing we want!

It’s safe to say that while Insta provides us with endless fashion and beauty inspo, TikTok reigns supreme for skincare content. Through these fast-paced videos, we’ve learnt about the ingredients that make our skin baby soft and radiant, as well as the ones to avoid. We’ve incorporated facial massage into our routines, and we know how to spot new products that’ll work for our skin type. ‘SkinTok’ shows no signs of slowing down, so get on it – it’s got everything you need for gorgeous, glowing skin.


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