What Are Different Body Shapes In Fashion?


The shape of the human body is a multiplex system of complex functions and details. The shape of an individual is determined mainly by skeletal structures. Moreover, muscles, fats, and tissue distribution also aid in it. An online body shape calculator is exclusively designed to determine your waist to hip ratio and proper body shape. The link between the shoulders, waist, and hips determines body shape. 

Some people have broader shoulders while some have slimmer hips. Finding your body type is not a matter of science exactly. Every human varies in body shape.

Pop down to have information regarding various body structures!

Different Body Shapes In Fashion:

Most people have the following body shapes as described below:

Inverted Triangle or Apple-Shaped:

Having bigger shoulders or chest than hips indicates an inverted body shape. It means you have a curvy waist. In such people, weight gain accumulates in most of their middle body. This shape is considered riskier for health because of belly fat. That’s why it is supposed to be an unhealthy body shape. For a perfect body shape, you can use a free body figure calculator.

Triangle or Pear-Shaped Body:

In this body shape, a person has broader hips than shoulders. With the help of a body shape calculator, you can better estimate this body shape properly. People with such body shapes have slender arms and defined waists. Having a pear-shaped body also increases the risk of health. But it lowers heart disease risks. Such persons also have lower metabolic risk. 


If your waist is completely defined and you have a balanced shoulder and hips, then you have an hourglass body shape. Your legs and upper body may be considered equal in size. It is considered to be the best shape. It has no health issues as such.

Rectangle Body Shape:

If all four of your body measurement i.e; shoulder, bust, hips, and waist are equal and your body seems to be straight, then you have a rectangular body shape. Such a body is almost muscular. It is also called the athletic body shape. Such body owners have the advantage that they can never gain weight. If you want to gain this body shape, use an online body shape calculator by calculator-online.net absolutely for free for highly satisfying results.

Round or Oval:

If you are narrow at your hips and your bust/chest is considerably bigger, then your body type is considered oval. In this condition, the middle section of your body is properly filled. This body type has a bit of complexity. It causes more health issues because abdominal fat is dangerous. Moreover, it increases the risk of heart diseases.


Having broader hips than shoulders lead to this kind of body. It includes a narrow bust and a fuller waist. In this type of body shape, there is a little more weight on your legs. This shape is a bit appealing for the eyes. It is not that harmful to health. Want to gain this body shape? Stop thinking and use a free body type calculator to maintain your figure.


A person having a muscular but curve-free body is supposed to be an athletic type. In this body type, Measurements of the shoulder and hips are almost equal. While the waist is not so defined. Rather, it is a bit narrower than the shoulders and buttocks. It is regarded as the most ideal body shape. 


In this article, I explained various body shapes along with their advantages and disadvantages. Also, the importance of the body shape calculator has also been focused on. I hope this will help you a lot in maintaining a good body shape. 

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