Impact of Indoor Plants in a Coworking Space


In modern times, we are realising the importance of plants the hard way. Incorporating plants in our day to day life is essential. The best way to introduce greenery in the workspace is by having indoor plants. Indoor plants impact the coworking space for good only. It doesn’t only work better for the aesthetic but the environment too. We don’t have to stress upon that. If we start to list down the pros of indoor plants it’s gonna be endless. You can also check out the best coworking space in Dwarka or some best coworking space in Gurgaon.

1.Green Corner 

The green corner is very amusing. It basically is about having greenery inside the coworking space. It may not be the bigger trees and plants, but the smaller plants also scatter their magic. Starting from the coworking space, it can reach homes. If we just simply try to incorporate plants into our lifestyle, the world will be a better place to live in. 

2. Youth as a game-changer 

Coworking space generally consists of the youth. If we teach a message to young ones of the family, the whole family will get it in the end. 

Suppose everyone in the group owns a small plant on their desktop. Eventually, they will get used to watching and having plants around them. In the end, this can result in them having a plant at home too. 

3. Promoting Green 

It doesn’t take so much to have a little plant. There are multiple kinds of indoor plants. Staring from desktop plants to beautiful plants. Chinese evergreen is one such plant that doesn’t require much care or sunlight. Devil’s ivy is another green corner plant. Echeveria is the star of tabletop decor. 

4. Set aesthetic 

As we discussed earlier, most of the coworking space consists of youth. And we are all about aesthetics these days. Everyone has a mood board, be it boho or chic. We like to find our vibe. The plants are one thing that finds a way in every aesthetic and vibe. The indoor plants work mentally and spiritually in some cases. 

5. Insta worthy Plants 

As we are in the digital age, nowadays, it is so easy to make anything go viral or make trends. Indoor plants in a coworking space can also be made into a trend. They are not only good for the environment but the indoors too. Everyone just looks for the clicks that are insta worthy. The easiest way to make your click better is by adding some plants. 

6. Decor 

If we are talking about insta how can we forget our content creators? Prajakta Kohli is one such creator who was recently made “UNDP India Youth Climate Champion” for her similar efforts. She owns so many plants in her working space, both at home and her office, which doubles up as the decor piece too. Influencers promote indoor plants as decor too. 

7. Ambience 

A coworking space has to be high with its value system to keep all the members of the team getting going. Promoting values like empathy and making a nice ambience is difficult often in a professional workspace. It may sound irrational, but having indoor plants can do so. Taking care of a plant is almost equal to fostering a child. It takes time and effort, after which the plant blooms. 

8. Environmental help 

It is not important to go over the help that the indoor plants have to offer. They not only make the surroundings beautiful but fresher too. It also offers the employees a nice change of sight. And what is more soothing than a greener view. They absorb every kind of pollutant, be it noise or air. 

9. Stress Buster 

Stress is common in coworking spaces with all the dues and deadlines around. In such scenarios, it is a proven fact that indoor plants and greenery tend to make employees relax and increase productivity. 

10. Mini Vacation 

The preferred vacation destinations are often full of green, be it a mountain or tropical forest. But one can’t go to such a destination every day or in between the hectic dues. The indoor plants can work for the time being as mini-vacations or break times. 

11. Reduce Absence rate 

It can be called an extension of indoor plants being environment aid. Less pollution and minimised stress can be better for employees health and result in a lower absence rate. This will ultimately result in the benefit of the organisation. 

12. Mental  Calm 

Mental calm comes unintroduced as the plants work on people’s anxiety indirectly. As we discussed earlier, plants are helpful in reducing stress. A nice view calms the nerves down on their own. 

13. Welcome Gift or Reward 

The indoor plants need not be confined to one area only. These plants can also be given as a welcome gift to new employees. Indoor plants can also be used as an incentive or reward for the employee of the month. Incentives and rewards also work psychologically to enhance productivity and boost confidence. 

14. What to Avoid 

One thing people are attracted to is fake plants. Many have just gotten the fake plants that are good for their aesthetic and vibe. They can be good for decor, but they are the same as a picture of plants. Inclination towards fake plants is also because of carelessness and busy schedules, due to which the real plants are difficult to take care of. Plants often die due to deficiency of sunlight and irregular water. So people take the easy way and install fake plants.


The benefits of such indoor plants in coworking space are endless. One can’t get enough plants. Be it a bigger or smaller coworking space. It is beneficial to have indoor plants. It is not only good for employees but for the organisation’s image. These indoor plants settings can also be seen as the value and recognition of modern concerns such as global warming. Every organisation or coworking space can use some fresh breezes. 

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