9 Effective Steps To Keep Diabetes In Check Or Prevent It


Diabetes is one of the diseases or health conditions that you can’t treat with medication if it happens to you. No one can escape from diabetes type one. However, you can control or stay away from diabetes type 2. The crucial thing in your diabetes control or prevention is to keep the level of your blood sugar under control. And for this, you can opt for a diabetes test at home and regular health checkups. Here are some useful steps to keep diabetes in check or prevent it naturally:

1. Educate yourself about diabetes

You can control and manage your diabetes or prevent it when you have an idea about what it is and what its types are. Usually, diabetes is a health condition in which your blood has an increased or lower amount of sugar. It is of two types:

  • Type 1 Diabetes – In this, your body stops producing insulin, which is a health issue. Insulin is the essential component for taking sugar from your eaten foods and turning the same into energy for your body. It is crucial for your body and life.  
  • Type 2 Diabetes – In this health condition, your body stops producing and using insulin well. Your doctor will prescribe insulin or pills for your diabetes management.
  • Gestational – Some females have such type of diabetes during their pregnancy. And they get rid of it after delivering a baby. Babies of such females have a higher risk of having diabetes later on.     

2. Know the ABCs of your diabetes

You should discuss every aspect of your diabetic problems with your doctor. During the interaction, you should ask your queries on how to manage your blood pressure, A1C, and cholesterol. Being aware of everything about your diabetes will help you reduce your chances of having a stroke, heart attack, or allied diabetes problems.   

3. Take light to moderate exercises regularly

With regular exercise, you can enhance insulin sensitivity and maintain a healthy weight. Here enhanced insulin sensitivity means the cells in your body will use the available sugar in your bloodstream effectively. Regular exercises can assist you in the use of blood sugar for muscle contraction and energy. You should do exercises for 10 minutes three times a day for five days in a week. Here is what exercises you should do to control your diabetes or prevent it:

  • Weightlifting
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Brisk walk
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Hiking

4. Control your carb intake

The carbohydrates you take in the meal form impact the level of sugar in your blood. Usually, they get broken down into glucose, sugars, in the body. After that, your body uses and stores sugars. The process has a bad impact if you have insulin-function issues or eat too many carbs at a time. Several studies have proven that a low carb diet facilitates lowering the blood sugar levels and stops human bodies having an increase in blood sugar. You should take whole grains instead of processed or refined food items in your diabetes management.

5. Increase your fibre intake

Fibre brings sugar absorption and carb digestion down. Due to it, there is a gradual rise in the levels of blood sugar. Two types of fibre are there – soluble and insoluble. In your diabetic control, you should focus on the intake of soluble fibre. And for this, you can take:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables 
  • Whole grains 
  • Legumes

6. Stay hydrated with water and fluid intakes

To keep the sugar levels in your blood in healthy ranges, you should drink enough water. Apart from keeping you hydrated, it assists your kidneys make excess sugar go out through urine from your body. Some studies have stated that people who drink more water have a lower risk of having high blood sugar levels. In addition to water, you can drink low-calorie drinks to keep yourself hydrated. 

7. Have a healthy body weight

For managing your diabetes or preventing it, you need to have a healthy body weight. Take efforts to lose or gain your weight if you notice anything wrong in your body weight. And for this, you need to keep your BMI in mind. Here is more on what you can do for having a healthy body weight:

  • Eat meals in small proportions
  • Exercise regularly
  • Weigh your body weight frequently or on a fixed time each week/month
  • Eat slowly
  • Avoid having dining out
  • Keep your diet chart with you

8. Stay away from stress

Stress has a greater influence on the sugar levels in your blood. Your body hides hormones like cortisol and glucagon when you are stressed. These hormones trigger the rise of your blood sugar levels. To keep yourself away from stress, you can:

  • Perform workouts of light to moderate intensity
  • Do yoga poses
  • Meditate for 10-20 minutes a day

9. Have a sound sleep every night

Many studies have noticed that poor sleep and a lack of rest have a close association with blood sugar levels. They could affect your insulin sensitivity and make your blood sugar level rise or go down. In your diabetes control and prevention, you should sleep for 6-8 hours a day. And for having a sound sleep every night, you should:

  • Have a sleeping schedule and strictly follow it
  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages and caffeine late in the day or before your sleeping time
  • Lower your naps in the day
  • Limit your screen time and avoid using devices such as mobiles, laptops, or tablets before going to bed
  • Be physically active
  • Keep your bedroom temperature cool
  • Make your bedroom soothing with use of lavender or allied scents
  • Use your bedroom only for sleeping or having sex and avoid using it for work
  • Meditate regularly


Keeping diabetes in control or preventing it is easy for all of you. For better management, you need to be determined to follow your diabetes control plan. You can use the steps mentioned in the post. However, talking to your doctor and following his/her instructions will be better for you.

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