SATA CommHealth Celebrates 75 Years Of Bringing Preventive Healthcare Closer to Home


SATA CommHealth proudly celebrates its 75th anniversary as a pioneer charitable healthcare organisation while it continues to widen its range of medical services to care and serve the nation as well as allowing and encouraging people to affordable healthcare.

In 1947, SATA was established and began to provide chest x-ray to tuberculosis patients during the spread of the disease. Providing outpatient diagnostic and treatments and public education for the community have always been in SATACommHealth’s DNA. Mobile clinics are also champions of patient-centric approach and encourages many patients to reach out for early diagnosis, care, and treatment.

At present, SATA CommHealth offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging services including Bone Mineral Density Scan, Digital Retinal Photography, Electrocardiography, Laboratory Tests, Spirometry, Tonometry and Treadmill Stress Test, to name a few. With the current increased life expectancy of the population, preventive health screening and lifelong health work hand in hand to sustain the nation’s healthcare outlook which has been the vision of SATA CommHealth since its inception over seven decades ago.

SATA CommHealth continues to expand its range of mobile medical services to bring community healthcare closer to home. To better serve the community, SATA CommHealth’s medical centres are located all around Singapore to provide a broad range of healthcare services. Some of these services include health screening, treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions, diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, vaccinations, lasting power of attorney certification, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and community programmes like Doctors-On-Wheels and Homecare Services.

SATA CommHealth’s Medical Centres provide a comprehensive range of primary healthcare services and are currently under the Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) network. PHPC consolidates the primary care clinic responses to public health emergencies like the pandemic or disease outbreaks and its primary function is to serve the primary healthcare of Singaporeans in times of national need. SATA CommHealthmedical centres are ready to provide subsidised treatments, consultations, medications and vaccinations, including Covid-19 vaccinations.

One of SATA CommHealth’s primary services include health screening which is vital in detecting and monitoring diseases especially those that do not exhibit early warning signs or symptoms. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and cancer can be silent killers if not detected early. SATA CommHealthcurrently also focuseson providing more essential screening services catering to a larger community which include: routine flu, pneumococcal and travel vaccinations; health and dietary consultations; diagnostic screenings such as mammogram and bone mineral density scans; screenings for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

SATA CommHealth also provides diagnostic services to accurately identify and monitor diseases through an assessment of an individual’s physical state and condition. The technology of medical imaging is used to diagnose, monitor and treat medical conditions. Through diagnostic imaging, we are able to alert individuals of early stages of threatening health conditions which in turn allow for timely prevention and treatment.

SATA CommHealth radiographer assisting a woman with her mammography.

SATA CommHealth also offers preventive medical services such as vaccinations. Vaccinations offered at SATA CommHealth’smedical centres include those with regards to influenza or flu, typhoid, anti-tetanus, chickenpox, hepatitis A and B, human papilloma virus (HPV), measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), pneumococcal, shingles and yellow fever. SATACommHealthoffers a wide range of recommended vaccinations for statutory check-up, travel and general well-being of the individuals to protect against common diseases.

Doctor speaking to an elderly man during check up

In addition, SATA CommHealthprovided home vaccination teams (HVTs) to cater to home-bound and bed-bound patients, essentially those who were unable to get to a vaccination centre during the Covid-19 vaccination nation-wide programme. The vaccination team consisted of a doctor, nurse and driver, who visited the patient’s homes, examined the patient and take took medical history, administered the vaccine and observed the patient for a minimum of 30 minutes. On the average, HVT saw 6-8 patients on a daily basis.The readiness and dedication of the respective frontline and administrative teams in SATA CommHealth contributed largely during Covid-19 period to help strengthen Singapore’s determination to overcome the situation. Find SATA CommHealth’s Covid-19 contribution timeline enclosed below.

Affordable primary and diagnostic healthcare services are brought closer to communities through SATA CommHealth’s dedicated Mobile Medical Services team. SATA CommHealth’sreliable fleet of x-ray buses and Mammo-On-Wheels, along with a competent team of doctors, nurses, radiographers, clinic assistants, and drivers, bring a wide range of medical services right at thecompany’s doorstep, such as health screening to assist in the early detection of chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension and respiratory illness.

In 2022, SATA CommHealthwill be launching its electric vehicle (EV) in keeping with its commitment to further expand its range of medical services and bring them closer to the community. The launch of electric vehicle is necessary to meet the rising demand formobile medical services in a post-pandemic environment. Using EV will greatly improve the accessibility of care to patients and will benefit patients like the elderly and the needy who might be unaware of their underlying conditions. It will also bring healthcare to the underprivileged to provide them with affordable basic healthcare near home.

The launch of SATA CommHealth’s EV is also in line with its Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)approach to roll out an environmentally sustainable operation. Though most of its current fleet operates on diesel, they expect to fully transition to hybrid fleet of logistics and transport EV and diagnostic buses by the end of 2027 and reduce CO2 emissions.

For a summary of SATA’s services, please refer to Appendix A: SATA CommHealth Services

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