Reducing Working at Height Incidents in the Renewables Industry with Bolting


Working at height incidents remain one of the most common causes of fatalities and major injuries to workers on-site. Within the renewables industry, many projects involve the need to work at height on large wind structures. Controlled Bolting suppliers are starting to acknowledge that safely working at height is one of the key challenges faced by the wind industry. More and more, wind operators are demanding practical tools with built-in safety features to be included as standard.

Safety Beyond Bolting

There are many companies that are enforcing safe working practices that go beyond tooling. This includes the likes of safety nets under the workers at height or areas sealed off with barricades. This reduces the risk that, in the event of a dropped object, the object would fall onto a worker and cause serious harm.

In order to ensure everyone on site is aware of the risks and the actions taken to mitigate these risks, it is important to implement training programs that impart knowledge of the hazards associated with operating equipment and machinery.

Alongside these safe working practices, there are a number of safety-focused tools available on the market that also dramatically reduce the risk of incidents from dropped objects. Below we explore some of these tools and look at how they work to mitigate the risk of dropped objects from height.

Controlled Bolting Tools Designed for Working At Height

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Tools that enable hands-free operation:

Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock

The Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock transforms Enerpac RSL and S-Series Square Drive Torque Wrenches into hands-free tools. It works using an innovative socket that attaches onto a square drive torque wrench with a simple twist and push action. The Safe T™ Torque Lock then mechanically locks onto the application, allowing the operator to tighten bolts hands-free in any orientation. The unique safety product’s other benefits include protection from pinch points, reduced exposure to high-pressure hydraulic connections, and less operator fatigue.

Back-Up Nut

This simple and cost-effective safety accessory allows low-profile and cassette type torque wrenches to be secured onto the bolt and held in place. This allows the operator to work hands-free while the tool is live – allowing the operator to stand clear of hazards such as pinched fingers and high-pressure hoses. As the Back-Up Nut also secures the torque wrench in place, it prevents the tool from becoming a dropped object, instantly improving on-site safety.

Essential Safety Accessories: Enerpac Back-Up Spanner

This smart and cost-effective safety tool eliminates unsafe flogging spanners and hammers. It provides 2 sizes in a single product. Supplied with a Safety Tether as standard, the Enerpac Back-Up Spanner is a self-supporting accessory that secures onto the backing nut and attaches to the operator or a nearby structure. Simply applied with the use of an Allen key, few tools are required as there is no need for hammers. This too increases safety as sparks and the potential of dropped tools is eliminated.

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